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Google Chromecast Audio Review

You might have a great pair of stereo speakers and you want them to work without creating a big mess of cables, Google has something for you. Chromecast Audio is a WiFi based wireless audio streaming device that can be accessed from any location in the house as long as you are connected [...]

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UGOOS UT2 TV Box Review

Most of the folks I know around my age refuse to pay for cable — personally, I don’t even own a TV. My computer serves as my media workhorse, though I do become envious of my friend’s giant flat screen while binge-watching some show on Netflix, limbs spread wide without worrying about [...]

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Beelink GTQ TV Box Review

As the demand for media streaming ever increases, the arrival of the GTQ TV Box couldn’t be more welcome. The GTQ gives Android users the ability stream all of their tablet and smart phone media for an affordable price. With access to over 800,000 apps the GTQ’s uses are practically [...]

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