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180 artists including Taylor Swift, McCartney & U2 take on YouTube

Most of us enjoy streaming a song or three on YouTube and generally you can find whatever you want to hear. It seems the heat is mounting on the streaming giant though, and the days of such free streaming may be coming to an end. 180 performers and songwriters penned an open letter to [...]

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Music social network ‘LoudUp’ reaches 1,000 users

There are all sorts of social networking sites popping up over the internet. It all started with the famous, but now history, It was a music discovery website and it kept people busy until Facebook came in and snatched away all the fame. You can find several Myspace rip offs [...]

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A platform to share your ‘mixes’: 8tracks review

We looked at some of the playlist creation websites in one of my past articles. I mentioned a nice little website called as It allows you to share your music playlists known as mixes which consists of, you know, 8 tracks! Now that is not all; it has some great features that [...]

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Pandora Internet Radio

Pandora still reigns supreme in its home market, despite advancements made by its competitors. One of Pandora’s shortfalls is its limited library of less than one million songs. Granted, each and every single song in its library has been tagged as having at least one of more than 2000 unique [...]
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Listen to Music with suggests new music based on previous taste, in addition to listing tour dates, offering free downloads, linking to other websites where one can listen to music at no cost (such as youtube), and offering a platform onto which users can talk about music.
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