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Aston Origin review
4 reasons why you should become a HAM radio operator
Marvel’s mandate may come true after Spider-man release on PS4
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Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC wireless noise cancelling headphones review
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Using Groove Music App in Windows 10

A lot of changes took place in the core ‘Windows Applications’ when Windows 8 came out. The most needed functionality on any computer is its ability to manage and play music and videos. Up until Windows 7 there was Windows Media player. It did not handle all the codecs very [...]

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Apple To Pay For itunes 3 Month Promotion

Apple recently launched their music streaming service to compete with Spotify. To start with any new service, one needs to build a customer or user base and doing so is all at the expense of the company providing the service. Apple is no exception to this and they know it. So, they are [...]

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4 Music Services That You Didn’t Know Accept Bitcoin

In 2009 a decentralised digital currency formed by Satoshi Nakamoto was created and later became the first widely used crypto currency called Bitcoin. Unlike banks which are in control of your money, you can store your bitcoins on your own computer and send them to anyone with a bitcoin [...]
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YouTube’s Music Pass got delayed yet again

Google's own subscription based streaming service, Music pass got delayed yet again due to hiccups with the independent artists.
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How to find new music?

No matter how well you know the music industry, there always comes the time when you are bored of listening to the same music tracks every day! Everyone needs great new music. There is this thing called, “internet radio” to listen to a variety of music, but not always would you [...]

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Headphone maker’s unlimited music service: Beats Music review

With new online music streaming services popping out every month, beats music has really come up with a unique interface and hand crafted playlists for every category of music. For a very small fee you have have more than 20 million music tracks to listen to!
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AutoRip – The Amazon Music loophole

Amazon has been in the music industry for quite a while. It has always striven to expand his e-commerce into all possible markets. That includes the entertainment industry as well. grew by selling books and CDs. It has tried to revolutionalise the music industry, but [...]

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