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Drooble: An All-in-one Platform for Musicians, Teachers, and Music Lovers.

Drooble is a new social networking website that aims to foster a sense of a genuine community while providing services for a wide spectrum of musicians. Joining the site is free. Signing up requires setting up a profile, with a picture and cover photo, and tagging yourself — for example [...]

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Music social network ‘LoudUp’ reaches 1,000 users

There are all sorts of social networking sites popping up over the internet. It all started with the famous, but now history, It was a music discovery website and it kept people busy until Facebook came in and snatched away all the fame. You can find several Myspace rip offs [...]

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Find band members with Giggem

Looking to find band members?

You have come to the right place, nowadays it’s really difficult to find band members, especially when you just don’t know where to look. You might have tried local music stores and got no response. Well, times have changed! Giggem is a new [...]

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