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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset launches next week

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset launches next week

by Stephen Charlton2016/06/02

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset, heralded as the first gaming headset designed from the ground-up for eSports athletes, will drop next Sunday. The Californian manufacturer has packed a huge custom feature-set into the headset, perhaps justifying their big claim. The $199.95 wired model is now available for pre-order on the company’s website and on Amazon. The latter lists the release date as June 12.

The headset is designed for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and mobile gaming use. The company also launched the Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller, listed at $199.95, as an optional amp to power/control the headset. Other products in the Elite Pro line include the Tournament Noise Cancelling Mic, Tactical Adaptor for Xbox One and A.M.P. for Playstation 4.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro feature set

Turtle Beach have included 50mm Nanoclear speakers to provide crisp audio with less distortion for a “game changing sound experience.” A Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak Technology is implemented to provide crystal clear chat. Turtle Beach have debuted their unique ComforTec Fit System for the Elite Pro headset. The system includes AeroFit Ear Cushions and provides personalised comfort through material technologies that deliver passive noise isolation with cooling comfort. Gamers who wear glasses are looked after, as the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System alleviates ear cushion pressure.

The Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller is for Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers who want to get the best out of their Elite Pro headset. The controller offers DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, the exclusive Superhuman Hearing preset and powerful chat and microphone tuning tools.

Turtle Beach partner with OpTic Gaming

Turtle Beach partnered with OpTic Gaming, an Illinois pro gaming organisation, for the release of the Elite Pro line. OpTic’s Halo, Call of Duty and Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams have begun using the headset and accompanying accessories during eSports events, including the Paris eSports World Convention last month. OpTic Crimsix (Ian Porter) has reviewed the headset, as you can see in the video above. The Turtle Beach gear will get a workout this month, as OpTic are appearing at the ESPN Summer X Games over four days starting today as well as at E3 from June 14 to 16.

OpTic Gaming Team Manager Hector Rodrigues commented on the partnership:

“Everybody knows Turtle Beach. They’ve been around forever and have some great gaming headsets, so they definitely piqued our curiosity when they told us they were working on a top-secret eSports headset we’d be interested in seeing. So we invited Turtle Beach to the OpTic Gaming house here in Chicago to see what they had in store for us, and the moment they brought out the Elite Pro Headset, T.A.C. and other gear we knew simply by looking at everything that this was a vast departure from what we were expecting. The more we explored and played with the Elite Pro Headset’s features – like the cooling ear cushions, the adjustment you can make to the ear-cups for players who wear glasses, or how you can adjust the overall fit on your head – the more we knew it was revolutionary, and something that the OpTic teams would absolutely want to use. Turtle Beach brought their A-game with the Elite Pro, no questions asked.”

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