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Super Mario Run will force you to stay always online

Super Mario Run will force you to stay always online

by Salil Tembe2016/12/10

Super Mario Run, a new game from Nintendo will be coming out on the 15th December. That is a great news right? Well, there is bad news for those who love to play games on their mobiles while commuting to work. Super Mario Run will require you to have a good internet connection whenever you play it. A bad connection will lead to a frustrating situation where you won’t be able to play the game at all.

The news that Super Mario Run is coming to mobile has been the cause of excitement in the Mario community. The upcoming game will be tap-to-play type where you only require one hand to play. Such games have become a popular thing in the last couple of years. That is mainly because you can play the game literally anywhere. Standing in the crowded subway train and you wish to kill time? No problem! Games like Flappy bird went viral for its simplicity, the same reason and Super Mario Run will also be a huge hit. Why? Because we cannot forget that Super Mario is a really classic game; another reason for the community’s great anticipation for the smartphone counterpart.

Super Mario Run needs always-on internet

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s producer

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s producer

Everything appears to be all set for a successful launch of Super Mario Run on Android and iOS platform. Although, there is one thing which can make or break the success of the game. Don’t worry! There isn’t any other game coming up to compete with Mario. It is Nintendo’s own stupid policy that is responsible for the community’s big turn off. That one thing is that you are required to keep your mobile connected to the internet at all times while you play the game.

Reddit user chipotron expresses, “I’m uncomfortable with the idea of a single-player game needing to use my data in order to function”.

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s producer has said that the always-online requirement is an attempt to stop people from pirating the game. According to him, the game will be installed on devices where Nintendo has no control over.

Miyamoto also adds, “It was important for us to be able to have it secure for all users”.

Mario fans unhappy with Nintendo’s requirement

The player gets very few advantages from keeping the game connected to the internet. For example, an internet connection will be helpful in synchronizing your score across all the devices that you play on. Additionally, you will be able to look at other players’ scores. Nintendo also plans on putting up challenges and in-game rewards that will be available for short periods of time every now and then.

The main reason people play games on the mobile is to kill time. No one really cares about others’ scores. In a situation where you are travelling in an aeroplane or a high speed train, it is possible for the connection to drop out frequently or have no connection at all.

“If it can’t be played on an airplane or while my train is stuck in a tunnel, it’s a non-starter for me” says Reddit user notoboggan. “This is a disappointing design choice”, he continues.

Super Mario Run release date advert

Super Mario Run release date advert

Consider the situation where you are about to finish a hard level, but the internet drops off and you lose it all. You are likely to get super angry and delete the game and possibly even regret putting $10 down for it. Nintendo should reconsider their decision and add an offline mode or else they are most likely looking at a failure in the long run for a highly anticipated game.

“I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a cracked copy out in the first week” according to LordKwik.


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