Rock Out With The Best Pro Guitar Amps 2014

All guitarists need good, reliable amps for both practising and performance, which is why so many are on the lookout for the best pro guitar amps to get the best quality sound that will last a long time, for a reasonable amount of money. Because they’re so expensive, it’s important to do research to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Things to keep in mind while searching for pro guitar amps is the sound quality (obviously!), hardware support (in case any part needs replacement), good power output, portability, and durability. Here we have a small list compiled of the best pro guitar amps of 2014, recommended by our Sound Review team.


Markbass Traveler 102P Rear-Ported Compact 2×10 Bass Speaker Cabinet

markbassThis is a very lightweight but durable professional amp, with great sound, durability and is easy to use. It weighs only 33 lbs and is great for both outdoor and indoor performances as well as recordings, jam sessions, and when practicing alone. This pro amp is made with high grade poplar, and is glued and screwed with special compounds to increase performance quality and durability. When added to the Traveler 151P, it gets a punchy, full range sound perfect for club gigs and other performances, as well as both amateur and professional recordings. The only drawback is it sounds weak by itself when in a band, so it’s not recommended to be played with a band– especially a big band– by itself. However, it’s perfect for a solo, or a recording, and can even be fine with a small band in a small venue space. £375.39. Read more about it here.

Fender Vintage Reissue ’65 Twin Reverb Guitar Combo Amp

fender twin reverb 65The most expensive amp on the list, but still worth its price! With its user-friendliness, great sound, and good power output, Fender Vintage Reissue ’65 sure does give you a run for your money. It gives a good, clean sound for every note, from lowest to highest, making it a great pro guitar amp. However, it is not point to point wired, so additional repairs will be needed in a fairly short amount of time, and it can be quite heavy to carry so it’s not as practical for events and gigs as it is for recordings and practices. Also, it’s not recommended for those living in apartments or in the suburbs because it can be very loud even on the lowest decibel. Bottom line: it has that great Fender sound, but it’s not the most reliable, and it’s not always suitable for every environment. But if you have a big pocket and £845.01 to spare, give it a go.

Fender Hot Rod Series Blues Junior NOS 15W 1* 12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

fender juniorThis pro guitar amp is both portable and easy to use. It has a volume that’s more flexible than the Blues Deluxe, and can produce a warm, fat sound, which makes it one of the best pro guitar amps, and a great deal for its money. However, it does have limited functions, and isn’t good for large venues because it is so small, and sometimes it’s hit or miss with the quality of the amp because it’s been known for these amps to fry straight out of the box sometimes. It is most likely you can get a free replacement or a replacement that is heavily discounted if this happens. However, it is great for its money, priced at £349.65.


Vox Custom AC15C1 15W 1*12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

vox ac15c1Producing a nice warm sound with a little tweaking, this amp is also durable and easy to use with good power output, and it’s possible to get good sound and tones without using the pedals. It produces a nice sound on the normal channel, but a very little clean sound on the top boost channel. This amp is best for recordings and small venue performances. With bigger venues or if you’re part of a big band, it’s necessary to mic it to get the full sound. The tweaking is required, however, to get that good quality sound, and only limited functions are available. Although it’s good for its money, it’s best to go with another amp for a clean sound straight out of the box. £349.65


Marshall DSL40C 40W All Tube 1*12 Guitar Combo Amp

marshall 40wWith excellent sound quality that can produce a great rock and roll sound and its user-friendliness, this portable pro guitar amp would be worth its money if it was easier to find replacement parts for. It’s next to impossible to find an amp cover for it, from Marshall, anyway, and the reverb is digital and not a spring type which makes it very weak. However, it’s a great amp until parts need to be replaced and you don’t use the reverb often. I personally think the convenience of replacement parts are very necessary, so I wouldn’t pick this one myself. £ 378.79


Line 6 AMPLIFi 150 150W Modeling Solid State Guitar Amp

Line 6 amplifiAMPLIFi 150 is the cheapest amp on the list, costing just £292. Personally, I am a fan and user of Line6 products. For their price, they seem to back up the money’s worth. This amp can produce good sound, and has a good power output, which makes it one of the best pro guitar amps of this year, relatively. It also has great features like Bluetooth capability, Cloud access, and excellent tone selection which makes this a great amp for composing, recording, and jam sessions as well as performances and gigs. It’s also easy to use and portable but very cheaply made. But then again, it’s about priorities, for professionals looking for a career lasting amp, this might not be the one to go for. Its cheap price is self-explanatory in that matter. Instead of being held together with screws, it has been glued together, and when repairs are needed, they cost more than the amp is worth.


Like with everything, there’s no absolute best pro guitar amp for everybody. It all depends on the person and the guitar player and what works for them, although many amp brands get better reputations than other, like Fender and Marshall.  But my personal recommendations for the best pro guitar amps of 2014 are listed above for their great sound, power output, durability, and portability, which are all essential features in great pro guitar amps, as well as user-friendliness and the included features. Because they can be a huge investment, especially for the amateur or small-time musician, it’s very important to have a good quality amp that you can use for a long time.


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