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ipad speakers
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NonLinear Studio started a kickstarter  project in 2012 which led to $45,000 in funding to help develop a simple but effective invention. Amplifiear was created for the purpose of amplifying your iPad speaker, enabling you to increase volume up to 10 dB. The idea is that it clips on the corner of your iPad and reflects the sound towards you making your favourite movies or music audible once again. You see the problem with the Apple iPad is that the speaker is on the back of the the device. This means that any sound will be projected to everyone but yourself, which is not what you want. Apple was far too conscious of the style of and look of the iPad and decided to compromise sound for look. The Amplifiear reverses this compromise without losing the style and usability of the iPad. Even if it did, it is detachable and could fit inside your pocket if needs be. Non Linear Studio are based in America and are selling Amplifiear for $25 but of course other retailers are selling it the cheaper than that in different countries if you live elsewhere.

You’ll be glad to know that the Amplifiear is 100% recyclable, so if you decide that you really don’t like it (which will be unlikely) you know it can be safely disposed of causing as little harm to the environment as possible.

The Amplifiear is made of ABS plastic and is 100% recyclable.  The paperboard for the packaging is obtained from certified sustainable tree farms.  It is unbleached and 100% recyclable.  The plastic cover on the packaging is made of PETE, one of the most commonly recycled plastics and is 100% recyclable.


One of the biggest questions that I had in my head was that, there are so many different iPad generations, will this fit for all of them? Soon enough on their official website my question was answered, you can easily customise the Amplifiear with different foam pads that they supply. All you have to do is stick it on the Amplifiear, not the iPad itself – the reason for the foam is that iPad’s change in thickness depending on the model. If you have a Apple smart case too, Amplifiear have foam pieces to adjust to the thickness of the case.

The Amplifiear is available in Black, White, Red, Green, Blue and Orange. It’s a really simple creation, it works, it’s reasonably priced, recyclable, adjustable, what more could you want? It’s as if Apple designed it themselves!

ipad speakers
It's a really simple creation, it works, it's reasonably priced, recyclable, adjustable, what more could you want?
Sound quality
Worth it?
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Easy to use, detachable and makes sound audible.
Sound Quality is obviously limited to the ipad's capabilities.
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