Orange Tiny Terror Jim Root TT15JR Tube Guitar Amplifier

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Orange TT15JR signature #4 Jim Root tube amplifier is the amplifier used by the notable guitarist Jim Root. He happens to play guitar for Slipknot and Stone Sour. This amplifier is the result of 3rd iteration or 3rd evolution of their Tiny Terror amplifiers. The first version of the series was called “Tiny Terror”, the second one was named “Black Terror” and finally the current version is again #4 Tiny Terror Jim Root signature amp. The name of Jim Root is attached to this amplifier because it is designed based on the Rockerverb 100 Orange amp and Jim Root apparently has been using that amplifier for nearly 7 years now. Jim Root is not the only person from Slipknot to use Orange, Anton Koff also used this amp head in the recent single from Slipknot called ‘The Devil in I’ which is part of their new album called The Gray Chapter.

Obviously, the Rockerverb 100 is a high wattage amplifier and definitely not suitable for someone who wants to practice guitar at home or perform at a quite small venue. In that case we need a low wattage amplifier and Tiny Terror TT15JR is exactly what fits the requirement. It can output a maximum of 15 Watts of power and you can step it down to 7 Watts. Orange also has a 12 watt amp that was written about in the Orange Crush 12 review.

The Tiny Terror amp is really Tiny. It is almost the size of a lunchbox which makes it easy to carry around. It may be small, but it can pack quite a lot of punch. The amplifier is painted black while the controls on the front are orange in colour. The two colours contrast each other quite well making the amp look beautiful. Additionally, Jim Root’s signature and the cool looking Orange logo makes it look even better. One thing to note is that there is no text written for any controls. It is all graphical! The amplifier comes with the basic controls, the 3 band EQ and ability to adjust the gain and the volume. Enough of looks and history, let us see if this amp really produces great tones.

The Tiny Terror will easily go up and produce the kind of dark, death sounds you desire with ease. Do remember that this amplifier is specifically meant for playing heavy metal and death metal, that is the reason Slipknot and Stone Sour have been using this amplifier. The flexibility to adjust the mid tones and the highs is what makes this amp so special, it is possible to get a variety of sounds by adjusting the EQ and gain. When you crank up that bass and gain at the same time, you get a wonderful deep crunchy effect to your music and that is something that you can feel with this amplifier while playing. An experienced guitarist will definitely understand what I mean by this.

The Tiny Terror is like best of both worlds and has the ability to produce clean, wet tones that sound absolutely pleasing to ones ears. As you can see, the Tiny Terror TT15JR can handle quite a lot of gain, from wet, clean sounds to dark, dry, crunchy death metal sounds. That is quite a lot of meat packed in this lunchbox.

back orange tt15jr jim root sigTubes are what make this amp sound great. It contains 2x EL84, 3x 12AX7 and 1x 12AT7. These tubes do not have the reputation of being the best, but do not be turned off because of this as they can produce just mind blowing sounds and nothing less than that. Also, do not be fooled by the low wattage of 15 Watts. Even if it is low, the sounds are quite loud for this wattage and it is a great thing. One user agrees with me about the loudness and states, “It is extremely loud even for a 15 watt head”.  The several tubes in this amp are not for show. Some of these tubes are utilized in the effects loop which is a nice addition to those who know how to work with them. Proper use of effects loop can introduce well timed delays in the sound and also introduce controlled reverb.

I have been praising this amplifier all along, but let us not forget that no matter how great the amplifier is, there are always some things that make it a bit imperfect. When you crank up the crunch all the way to the maximum, the amplifier starts getting noisy and that is when you need some additional blocks in your audio chain such as the noise gate to reduce unwanted noise.

All in all, The Jim Root is a great upgrade to the Tiny Terror lineup. If you are actively looking for a new amp head, you should definitely check out The Tiny Terror Jim Root signature #4 TT15JR amplifier head.

I used to roll my eyes at tube amps loaded with EL84s, but no more

This amp is meant and built for the guys who like it heavy.

Don’t let the wattage fool you, this thing is loud for a 15-watt amp.

Surprising that this gets great clean sounds..the effects loop is extra quiet and perfect for a pedal reverb or other ‘light’ effect

  • Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain controls
  • Single channel
  • All tube
  • High gain 4-stage preamp
  • Tube FX loop
  • 2 – EL84, 3 – 12AX7 and 1 – 12AT7
  • Gig bag


Orange Tiny Terror Jim Root TT15JR Tube Guitar Amplifier
A nice little lunchbox sized amplifier that is meant for those heavy metal heads which is apparently a lower power version of Orange RockerVerb 100 with all its features inherited in this tiny box.
Sound quality
Worth it?
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Dark, deep, crunchy tones
Easy to use controls
Quite loud for a 15W amp head
Clean channel is clean
Requires noise gate at high gain
Too loud for bedrooms

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Sound quality
Worth it?
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