Best Guitar Amp Reviews

Best guitar amps

May we present to you a selection of the best guitar amp reviews on SoundReview. If you’re starting out, hitting the big stage or just want a bit of practice, there is an amp waiting for you.

The MicroCube GX is the perfect example of a practice amp suitable for bedroom guitar playing. Since its so small, it becomes very portable and transports well. With this in mind, street performers should be drawn to amps like this as it will not hinder the practically of travelling from place to place. For the purpose of playing in small venues such as pubs, you’re going to want something in-between like the Orange Tiny Terror 15W Tube.

In the event that you like going large, there’s always the option of a cabinet to add to you ‘amp head’ of choice. This can leave you with a powerful combination, giving the desired effect for bigger audiences. For larger stages, well a setup like the Marshall 2555X will give plenty of volume to cut through to the back of the room. Of course it all depends on the PA system for larger gigs, at that point the amp is just for the sound.

Have a read through and see if you can find the best guitar amp for you!

Guitar Amps Reviewed

Ashdown OriginAL HD-1 bass amp head
Ashdown have created an excellent modern amp here for a very reasonable price.
Huge, modern tone
Easy to record at low volumes
Light and portable
Good value for money
Hard to fault it at this price!
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Speaker cabinet that you might want to keep for your entire career as a guitarist.
Rugged body
Loud speakers with low distortion
Can handle 240W of power
Mids and the Lows are mind blowing
Quality equivalent to the hyped Marshall and Mesa Boogie
High price
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Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee amp will exceed your expectations. It is something every guitarist desires to have.
Sturdy construction
Appealing design
Improved connectors
High voltage and temperature resistant wiring
Classic 80s tones
Very low hiss in Lead channel
Responsive EQ
No mains selector switch like the original.
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The Orange Crush 12 packs big sound in a small, portable package.
Classic Orange tone and look
12w is plenty for the bedroom
3-band EQ
CabSIM technology in headphone/line out
No reverb
No aux input
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Feature filled, modern amplifier head with integration of analog and digital electronics allowing guitarist to produce the tones he craves for.
Plenty of features
Loud and clear
Can generate any possible tone with some adjustments
Inbuilt DSP modelling
4 effects at once
Excellent build quality
Not beginner friendly
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A nice little lunchbox sized amplifier that is meant for those heavy metal heads which is apparently a lower power version of Orange RockerVerb 100 with all its features inherited in this tiny box.
Dark, deep, crunchy tones
Easy to use controls
Quite loud for a 15W amp head
Clean channel is clean
Requires noise gate at high gain
Too loud for bedrooms
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