Best Guitar Pedal Reviews

DD-500 on a pedal board.
Boss DD-500 on a pedal board.

Standing out from the crowd is difficult, there’s millions of bedroom guitarists. It all started when robots were able to manufacture large quantities of musicians supply. So much so, everybody has now at least had a go and owns a guitar. Whether it gathers dust or not depends whether it was meant to be. There is a lot of fascinating guitar tech for budding musicians nonetheless. It can also help beginners get started, like the Best Guitar Tuners for example.

So you want to be different? There’s technology that can be used in conjunction to help your perform better. I’m talking about guitar pedals, not performance enhancing drugs.

Usually, the classic thing to do is put all of these effects pedals on a pedal board. Mix and match, use them together and get a new sound that very few people have. There are literally thousands of pedals out there, you can have as many as you like. Bands like Muse rely on these effects to get their own tones. Some of you might remember them for bringing light from the chaos pad.

Here are the best guitar pedals we’ve come across so far. All subjective of course!

Best Guitar Pedals Reviewed

The EarthQuaker Afterneath is a wildly innovative and unique combination of reverb and delay that will send you to another world.
Truly Unique
Combines multiple reverbs and delays
Awesome Wizard Design
Lots of parameters to experiment with
It’s a bit expensive
Doesn’t have an expression pedal output like other EarthQuakers
Probably too intense for consistent regular use
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The Tube Screamer Mini.
The Tube Screamer Mini is the same legendary Tube Screamer in a smaller format. Now, you can get the same overdrive pedal in a smaller box and at a lower cost.
Same sound quality as the iconic Tube Screamer.
Lower cost than the Tube Screamer.
Small size saves up real estate on your pedalboard.
Light weight and small size makes the pedal extremely portable.
Difficult to read the position of the smaller knobs.
No internal battery.
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Strymon Timeline top
The Strymon Timeline delivers stunning delay sounds and a huge variety of tones. It has a big price tag, but with quality at this level, you can't expect anything else. Those who can't stand fiddling with dials should look elsewhere for a simpler set-up though.
Amazing delay sounds
Solid construction
Easy to dial up good delay sounds
Wide range of usable delays
Well thought-out design
There's a lot of functions to get your head around
High price tag
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EHX Pitch Fork at angle
The EHX Pitch Fork is a light, portable pedal with a range of useful features. For the price, it's a very good deal. Not everyone will like the artefacts created while running it on some settings though.
Fair price for features offered
Portable due to optional battery
Light build and small footprint
Intelligent and useful feature set
Simple and straight-forward operation
Adding the expression pedal will cost more
Some settings sound odd or gimmicky
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DD-500 on a pedal board.
The Boss DD-500 is a winning proposition and the pedal will no doubt be a major player when it comes top-level delay units. It sounds beautiful and has a large range of tonal and customisation options.
Great delay tones
Huge array of available sounds
Highly customisable
Competitively priced
Not every buyer will need the enormous array of options included
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Boss DM-2W delay pedal
The Boss DM-2W Waza Craft is a great all-analog delay that mixes the sounds of its predecessor with some modern features and expanded tones. If you like warm, analog sounds, you'll find plenty to enjoy here.
Stunning all-analog tones
Standard and Custom modes extend tonal options
Sturdy Boss build quality
No-nonsense control scheme
Optional expression pedal and dual outputs extend functionality
It's a bit ugly
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