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Best Guitar Tech for Next-Gen Musicians

Soundbrenner Pulse wearable vibrating metronome header
Soundbrenner Pulse wearable vibrating metronome

As time goes on, we see technology as a whole, starts to blossom into the unimaginable. This opens up opportunity for a new type of ‘hybrid’ musician, combining electronics and creating new music that hasn’t been heard before.

Occasionally we get sent some interesting little gizmos that can be extremely useful. Lots of this guitar tech can be not only a time saver, but actually improve playing. SoundBrenner came up with a vibrating metronome time keeper, which makes a change from listening to a click. As the market widens, new inventions like this are appearing more and more often. Lets just say, the Best Guitar pedals are not the only thing a musician can buy.

Other guitar accessories just improve comfort or make minor changes. From strings to straps, this all contributes to being able to play well.

See what you think, we’ve got some reviews in 2019 coming which are taking giant leaps in function for next generation musicians. This list will be getting bigger!

Best Guitar Tech Reviewed

Soundbrenner Pulse wearable vibrating metronome header
The Soundbrenner Pulse is a handy smart metronome although there's a few niggles with the design that need ironing out. Read full review
Metronome speed only viewable on app
Charge slowly drains while not in use
Vibrations uneven unless app set up in a specific way
Hugely customisable
Solves problems associated with traditional metronomes
Good value for money
Sync up to five Pulses at once
Roadie 2 Guitar Tuner main
The Roadie 2 has several handy extras like string winding, alternate tunings and multiple instrument use, although if all you need is a basic tuner, you could find that a lot cheaper.Read full review
Need to keep it recharged
Screen could be brighter
No D standard in presets
Saves your hands
Tunes variety of instruments
String winding feature
40 preset tunings
Capo tuning options
TC Electronic Polytune 3 side
TC Electronic have hit the nail on the head with the Polytune 3, which has multiple modes, a tough build and is a breeze to use.Read full review
Chromatic tuning mode is still what I ended up using most of the time
Competitively priced
Chromatic and poly tuning
Tough enough for touring
Buffered and true bypass operation
Easy to use

Best Guitar Accessories

Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones review main
The Basn Tempos are in-ear monitors with punchy, balanced sound, and they only cost $50-60. Read full review
Bulky earpieces (if you want to use it as a daily wear)
Rigid cable rubs against skin and is not easy to roll up
Tough build
Balanced sound
Great value for money
Detachable cable
Nine eartip options
Thalia Santos Rosewood Guitar Picks and Blue Abalone capo light
Thalia has presented a top-notch capo that improves on regular capos in every regard. The picks produce a defined warm tone, although they are less durable. Read full review
Capos may still need a (smaller) tuning adjustment
Wooden picks are not as durable as nylon
Amazing aesthetics
Increased tuning stability for capo
Capo is built tough
Warm yet defined tone from picks
Highly customisable products
D'Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock guitar strap
The Planet Lock is a great, budget option for keeping your guitar strapped on firmly. Read full review
A bit fiddly to unlock
Straps on tight
Built tough
No installation needed
Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap header
Mono Betty GS1 is an excellent, well-priced guitar strap that helps relieve the weight of heavy instruments.Read full review
The looks aren't anything to get excited about
Seriously tough design
Effectively relieves weight
Firmly stays put on guitar
Priced well for what you get
Elixir Optiweb strings pack
Elixir are onto a winner with the Optiweb strings, with a new enhanced playing feel and all the advantages of their existing coated designs.Read full review
More expensive, but price evens out
Seven string set not yet available
Longer life
Easier to bend than older Elixir releases
Natural feel
Less string changes
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