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BlackStar Artisan Series 412 Speaker Cabinet Review


In the previous review article we looked at how awesome Line 6 HD100 is. It has ability to pump out 100W of power into the speakers so we have to make a selection based on this. It is one great amp head that any guitarist would crave for and we would be doing a big injustice against it if we failed at selecting a good quality speaker cabinet. We need sounds that are loud and clear which do not get muddy with higher volume and power.

BlackStar Artisan Series 412 Speaker Cabinet

The usual choice for a 4×12 cabinet is Mesa Boogie 4×12 which is definitely loud and clear cabinet tuned to give that vintage feel. The high cost of Mesa is enough to put off many guitarists, especially the amateurs or those who go low on budget. But that does not mean there is no other speaker at lower cost which gives same quality of sound. The Blackstar Artisan series 412A/B cabinet is hand made masterpiece coming from the ex-Marshall employees. The same people who brought success to the well known high quality Marshall amps. If you are the kind of guitarist who goes on tours quite often to play gigs, then it is likely that you carry your stuff along with you. Many a times, good sounding cabinets are built with cheap material that easily wears down. Blackstar 412A/B is built with rugged birch plywood and strong metal chassis gives this cabinet durability and strength to survive while travelling.

The Blackstar Artisan Series 412 speak cab can definitely work with any good amp head. The Blackstar 412 and Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 makes a good combo. Many experienced users have suggested to use Celestion Vintage 30 speakers to get the best sound. These speakers are very popular for the quality of sound they output. The Blackstar Artisan series 412 A/B comes with 4 of these speakers fitted inside to give deep, dark sounds with edgy mids. Many users have also reported that the Blackstar out performs Mesa Boogie. If that is the case, then Blackstar is definitely worth buying. The efficient power handling of Line 6 coupled with high efficiency speakers in Blackstar make a perfect combo required to output loud and clear sounds with balanced lows, mids and treble. Being rated at 240W gives us enough room to slam the strings with no worries about blowing out the speaker’s voice coil.

The best speakers you can get period.

I would never buy a Marshall cabinet now after owning this

I tried it out and it sold me!

I had a real hard time choosing between this cab and the Mesa but ended up choosing the blackstar and could not be happier.

  • 240W / 16Ω extension cabinet
  • Fingerjointed birch plywood construction
  • Handwired with heavy gauge wire
  • Celestion Vintage 30 speakers


The Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 and the Blackstar 412A/B combo is enough to invoke the musical emotions in your audience.


Speaker cabinet that you might want to keep for your entire career as a guitarist.
Sound quality90
Worth it?95
Reader Rating9 Votes75
Rugged body
Loud speakers with low distortion
Can handle 240W of power
Mids and the Lows are mind blowing
Quality equivalent to the hyped Marshall and Mesa Boogie
High price
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