Good 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinets for Your Amp Heads

You have bought a nice amplifier head for your guitar which exhibits an excellent dynamic range and outputs nice crunchy sounds. But what good is your amp head without having something to convert that electrical power into sound? There is a wide variety of speaker cabinets available in the market ranging from 1 x 12, 2 x 12 and 4 x 12. Each one has its own purpose and place of use. In this article we are going to look at some good 4 x 12 speaker cabinets for your amp heads so that you can have the correct tones hitting your ears.

Bugera 412F-BK Classic 4×12-inch

bugera4x12Just like the Bugera TRIREC-INFINIUM amp head, this speaker cabinet is able to deliver what it is meant to. With 200 W of output power capacity, it is quite hard to fully overload the speakers inside it. You can use the 200 W in mono mode or in the stereo mode with two speakers on L and R channel each. The input impedance is rated at 16 ohms while using it as a mono speaker set and drops down to 8 ohms in stereo mode. There are reports saying that by changing the wiring on the inside, the impedance can be further dropped down to 4 ohms. But that is not recommended, because it can cause mismatch resulting in inefficiency. The main problem with 4×12 is that they are huge and heavy. It is a good thing that Bugera 412F comes with casters to roll the cabinet around. Cabinets are usually empty boxes with speakers attached inside. The hollow space inside is enough to resonate and cause vibrations, but the good thing is that Bugera has low resonance and in turn reduces the vibrations. The speakers inside produces amazing sound at all the frequencies. Bass is deep and dark, the mids sound superb and the treble is wonderful. Users have also recommended this cabinet for use with PS3.

Marshall MG412ACF MG Series 120-Watt

marshallMarshalls are known for their superior quality. Sometimes, many of us think if it is really that great or is it just a hype about the brand. This cabinet is not as expensive as you may think. At under 200 GBP, this beast is able to deliver the sound one might expect to hear from a Mesa 4×12. The sound is loud and clear and produces all the frequencies correctly. The cabinet itself is made from fiber material and looks great to the eye. A Marshall amp is preferred, but any good quality amplifier can be connected to this cabinet given that it can match with 8 ohm inputs. The cabinet is a closed one. Closed cabinets are known to produce low volumes but you can say that this one is an exception. The sound is exceedingly loud and clear even when it is driven at low power levels. Marshall MG412 comes with 4 Celestion speakers. They are known for producing warm vintage sounds and they have kept up to their reputation by delivering good quality sound.

Ibanez IS412C 4×12

Ibanez 4x12While choosing any cabinet, the first thing we all want to be sure of is whether it can produce loud and clear sounds. Ibanez is one such company which produces amazing speakers and has a huge customer base. Ibanez IS412C can handle 320W of power and take 4 ohms matched input to deliver that loud sounding audio. It also has a 16 ohm input jack in case you need that. Mesa is known for the ultra dark bass sounds but that does not mean you cannot obtain that darkness on Ibanez. With a few adjustments on your amp head you can achieve that. With 320 W it can handle anything you throw at it. The problem with low power speakers is that there is a chance of burning out voice coils at full power settings when you slam the strings. The bad thing about this cabinet is the construction quality. The cabinet is not made from good quality wood. Users have reported that it is not even real wood that they have used for construction. Moving this cabinet is a difficult task. The Ibanez IS412C comes for a mere 150 GBP. It is a good deal if you are just beginning to learn guitar, but definitely not recommended for professional use.


Blackstar Artisan Series 412A/B 240W 4×12

Blackstar cabThis one is hand wired and hand crafted. The entire cabinet is made from high quality birch plywood. Wood is always a preferred choice due to its long life and classic feel. Marshall is not the only one who makes excellent quality, handcrafted cabinets. In fact, people buy Marshall mostly because of the hype when they could easily buy something of better quality. Blackstar is made by ex-Marshall employees and their products are just as great as Marshall. At times they even out perform Mesa. The Blackstar 412 has nice clear tones on clean channel, a deep and dark bass, and over all vintage feel due to the Celestion speakers inside. The cabinet has a 16 ohm input channel, so make sure you match your amp head while using it with the Blackstar 412. Many veterans who were skeptical about this brand have become permanent fans of Blackstar after trying it. They literally fell in love with it at first sight. The speakers can go quite loud, louder than the popular Mesa 4×12 yet maintain the low distortion profile and deliver the sounds the way they need to be delivered. Blackstar is really underrated for the quality it gives. If you are out on a hunt for good cabinets, do check them out.


Line6 Spider IV 4×12

line 6 4x12Having a great amp head is not just enough because speakers would be ones to produce the actual sound. The sound on Line6 is top notch and maintains a pretty flat response for all frequencies. The sound is not too bassy at first. You can go darker, deeper and tighter on the bass by adjusting your amp head. The speakers will not fail you, in fact they can go very tight on low frequencies which is definitely a good thing. Because of this reason it is mostly rock or metal type cabinet. It can produce all tones brilliantly and loudly without making you feel any hint of distortion. This is especially good when you have to play in front of a large audience. Unlike the new models of Mesa, which can burn a hole in one’s pockets, Line6 Spider IV is priced at only 300 GBP and a proper Google search will easily gain you deals offering you to buy this cab at a mere 175 GBP. Quite a large bargain to ignore. This cabinet is designed to co-exist with the Line6 amp heads. Users have reported that they got the best performance from this cabinet when used with a Line6 amp head. The Spider IV uses custom designed Celestion speakers. At such low cost and high performance, this cabinet is definitely worth considering. The amplifier heads and speaker cabinets go hand in hand. If one of them is under-performing, the other get affected. Thus, choosing the right speaker cabinet is just as important as choosing a good amp head.

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