Behringer reveals 12-voice analog polysynth, the DeepMind12

Behringer DeepMind12 synthesizer
Behringer DeepMind12 synthesizer

Behringer have finally revealed something concrete on their new synthesizer, the DeepMind12, which is a 12-voice analog polysynth. The company put up five teasers over the past month, and now they’ve finally made the big reveal. It’s got 49 full-sized keys, the number of which won’t be to everyone’s tastes. AMAZONAmag spoke to engineer Rob Belacham for an in-depth preview of the synth, which you can see in the video below. At the time of the interview the prototype was called the Phat 12, but Behringer had the sense to drop that title later.

Four integrated FX engines powered by TC Electronic and Klark Teknik

Company Founder Uli Behringer posted on Gearslutz to clear up some of the biggest questions. The DeepMind 12 has four integrated FX engines, which can be used simultaneously but also synched to the synth itself. Each of these engines has 30 FX algorithms. These algorithms have been provided by both Danish boffins TC Electronic and UK’s Klark Teknik, so there’s a lot of international expertise packed into the synthesizer. Uli said:

“These are true world-class FX, many of which have been derived from TC Electronic’s acclaimed signal processors as well as Midas’ high-end mixing consoles.”

World-first built-in Wi-Fi featured in DeepMind12

The DeepMind12 has “world first” built-in Wi-Fi which allows full remote control of nearly all its parameters through consumer tablets.

Uli got a bit shy when it came to the price. His comments seem to suggest it’s not going to be cheap:

“While the price has not been confirmed nor any price indication been given to retailers, we like to manage expectations… we would never sacrifice component or manufacturing quality nor sell below cost.”

Behringer offer discrete analog circuitry design

The DeepMind12 has discrete analog circuitry. As a result it has approximately 4000 components and is one of the most complex synthesizers ever built.

The prototype had 256 built-in presets, with four additional 128 preset banks in flash. The DeepMind12 will come with Behringer’s three-year warranty program.

When asked what the synth was “designed after”, Belacham said that it’s:

“Closer to the Roland… closer to the original Juno filter, but done with discrete components, instead of a single chip solution.”

The layout even looks similar to Roland Juno-106, which was an analogue polyphonic synth released in 1984. The synth is still sought-after, despite being discontinued in 1988.

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