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Evolution Guitars launches world’s first modular electric guitar

Evolution Guitars launches world’s first modular electric guitar

by Stephen Charlton2016/06/19

Now we’ve all heard of modular synthesizers, but a modular electric guitar is something new. Evolution Guitars are now offering exactly that after two years of development and testing. The guitar will be available from summer 2016 via their online store, the Brighton Music Center (Pittsburgh, PA) and

Evolution launches with four faceplate options

The Evolution launches with four faceplate sound profiles: Metal, jazz, rock/blues and hip hop. Each one features a unique faceplate buildout. Due to the modular design, each faceplate can be interchangeably mounted to the instrument. Evolution Guitars claims this allows one guitar to cover an unlimited variety of tones and styles. Each faceplate retails for about half the cost of the guitar itself, so the design allows you to cover more ground for less money. The company state each faceplate change takes only two minutes. As demonstrated in the video it can be done without changing the strings.

Evolution Guitars targets touring musicians

Evolution guitars modular models

Two of the many Evolution faceplate options.

The Evolution is marketed at touring musicians who normally require several guitars. The modular build would allow them to cut down on their rig required to gig. It can also be useful for guitarists who want a versatile instrument to use in the studio. Evolution Guitars offers deals, including the Players’ Package and the Studio Package. Each package features the Evolution guitar as well as one or more faceplates at discounted costs.

The company run a custom shop which allows players to work with the luthier to create custom faceplates. The result is unprecedented ability to explore tonal options with one axe.

Evolution guitars has partnered with to provide custom (of course) pick-ups for the guitars. The Evolution will also be kitted out with GHS Strings.

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