Hear Flea jam out on the new Fender Signature Flea Bass

Fender Signature Flea Bass Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fender Signature Flea Bass Red Hot Chili Peppers

Funk-rock icon Flea now has a Fender Signature Flea Bass, which he demoed in a quirky new video for Fender. You get to hear plenty of Flea’s licks throughout the video. The new signature model is based on his Shell Pink ’61 Jazz Bass. Flea received it from a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan after mentioning on his tour blog that he wanted a pre-CBS Jazz Bass so he could be “as cool as John Paul Jones.”

Fender Signature Flea Bass loaded with vintage single-coil pick-ups

The bass has two vintage-style, US-made Pure Vintage ’64 Jazz Bass single-coil pick-ups. They are designed to deliver clear articulation, low-end definition, midrange punch and a singing high end. In vintage style, the bass has two stacked controls. The first level allows you to control volume and tone. The second level allows you to blend the pick-ups in any ratio you wish. The bass has a vintage style bridge with four threaded steel barrel saddles, designed to provide crisp attack. The alder body instrument has a 20-fret classic U-shaped maple neck and 7.25″ radius rosewood fingerboard.

Bass finish based on Flea’s road-worn bass

Fender Signature Flea Bass Red Hot Chili Peppers shot
The beautiful Fender Signature Flea Bass.

Fender had the sense to leave the Fender Signature Flea Bass without any obvious Flea or Red Hot Chili Peppers logos. The only concession to such is a rear neck plate with artwork contributed by Flea. Fender state that the Shell Pink finish is the rarest of their Custom Color finishes, and that Flea’s original ’61 Jazz Bass may be the only surviving example. The company have recreated the faded and road-worn look on Flea’s bass for the signature model.

Fender Signature Flea Bass Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Flea onstage with his original ’61 Fender Jazz Bass.

Flea said his ’61 Fender Jazz Bass is magic:

“It’s truly the greatest bass I’ve ever played. Fender embodies everything I love about music and individuality. It reflects the soul of rock, punk, R&B and funk. It’s this bass that pushes me to give more each time I play. The Fender Signature Flea Bass is a true resurrection and possesses that wave of energy a bass should give you when it’s in your hands.”

The new bass can be picked up on Amazon for $1,199.99. European buyers can snap up the bass for €1,135 (£968.59) on Thomann.

The bass was used extensively on Stadium Arcadium and the recent Red Hot Chili Pepper’s release The Getaway. You can read our review of the album here.


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