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Ibanez EW20ASE Acoustic-Electric Guitar


Learn to Play Guitar While Looking Good

Some things to watch out for when choosing a guitar is its versatility, durability, and user-friendliness, as well as its ability to tune, and the Ibanez EW20ASE Exotic Wood Figured Ash Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a great guitar for beginners for only £237.65 on American sites and around £300(+) in the UK. However, you need to look for quality as well so you know you’re getting as much bang for your buck as possible.

This guitar has a good look, sound, and price. With a narrow and smooth neck, the fret bridges don’t stick out and tear up the thumb, which is great for beginners who haven’t developed the required calluses yet. The neck has 13 frets instead of 12 as well which adds more diversity to the range of notes and the low cutaway makes it easier to get up to those high notes and has a bright sound, but it has a good lower range, as well. The brilliant design of this guitar makes it look much more expensive then it is, as well, so you can show it off to your friends so they can be just as impressed with the great deal you got on your guitar as well as your new playing skills.

However, the Ibanez EW20ASE Exotic Wood Figured Ash Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is only worth getting if you’re willing to make some replacements and repairs.  This guitar comes with cheap strings made of poor quality, so it’s necessary to replace those to get a good sound. Also, it is prone to body neck warping after only a few years of playing, even in low or normal humidity environments, so the guitar would eventually have to be repaired or replaced so it might not be that good of an investment in the long run, but it’s a great beginner guitar and if you’re just starting out then it’s worth its price.

I bought this guitar in February ’09. It was great for the first 3.5 years. Around a year and a half ago, the body started warping and the neck started pulling away from the body. This may be my fault as I rarely kept it in its case. My first acoustic guitar, a cheap no name that I bought in 2004, has been subject to the same conditions and is doing fine.
my only hang up was that i had the battery compartment issue when i first bought the guitar. but since then it has been smooth sailing.
i love ibanez and i want them to improve in that area, so quality wise i give it a 9 because the battery compartment needs improvement. everything else quality wise is a 10.
This guitar is absolutely amazing! I bought it after seeing it in a music store but not purchasing in time so I ordered it on here instead. The pickup and pre-amp in this guitar is fantastic! I couldn’t be happier with it especially for this price!!
For the price the looks of this guitar is out of the park. It doesn’t have the richness of a mahogany or rosewood body, but it really has a unique tone. Overall I would give this a 4 out of 5 rating. Excellent for any beginner/intermediate guitarists.

  • Colors: Classic Jet Black, Pearl White, Renegade Red, Tobacco Sunburst, and Cream
  • Neck Material: Stratabond birch
  • Body: Alder, Stratocaster styling
  • Frets: Medium/High Frets
  • Fingerboard: Advanced Polymer with LED’s for all 21 Frets
  • Bridge: Fixed
  • 5-Way-Position Switch: Position 1: Neck Pickup. Position 2: Neck – Middle Pickup. Position 3: Middle Pickup. Position 4: Middle-Bridge Pickup. Position 5: Bridge Pickup.
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Weight: 12 lbs.

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Worth it?70
Reader Rating7 Votes81
Looks good, versatile, affordable, wide range of notes
poor quality and neck prone to warping
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