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New Ibanez Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged guitar line

New Ibanez Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged guitar line

by Stephen Charlton2016/06/19

Ibanez is offering six new Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged guitars. The guitars are priced at two levels: $599.99 RRP for solid thermo aged top models and $899.99 for guitars that also feature a thermo aged back. They will be available from September. The available styles are dreadnought, grand concert and parlor. The wood choices are mahogany and sitka spruce.

Ibanez Acoustic Product Manager Frank Facciolo explained the process:

“As a guitar ages—even a guitar built from carefully seasoned wood—it will over the years release water and resin moisture. The more moisture it sheds the more freely the wood vibrates and the more dynamic the guitar becomes. Thermo aging ‘fast-forwards’ that aging process without stressing the wood so we can deliver a guitar that’s been seasoned to its optimal condition.”

Expanded low and high response

Ibanez thermo aged acoustic chart

You can’t argue with science.

The process is also known as torrefaction or baking. Thermo aging removes elements in the body which can dull the response of new instruments. The wood is heated in a vacuum to release the water and decompose resin. Thermo aged wood therefore as hard, light and stable as woods dried for decades by more traditional methods. It also provides a greater acoustic response. It seeks to replicate the full low-end and smooth treble response of vintage guitars. The process also increases the volume of the guitar and provides plenty of punch.

Ibanez Artwood thermo aged guitars line-up

Ibanez thermo aged acoustic AVD10

The AVD10.

The higher end Artwood models with thermo aged solid top and back are the AVD10, AVN10 and AVM10. The AVD10 is a dreadnought body guitar with sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides. The AVN10 has a parlor body with sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Both the AVD10 and AVN10 are available in brown violin sunburst. The AVM10 has a grand concert body with sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides. The finish is natural high gloss.

The budget Artwood versions, which feature a thermo aged solid top only, are the AVD9, AVC9 and AVN9. The AVD9 has a dreadnought body with sitka spuce top and mahogany back and sides. It has a natural high gloss finish. The AVC9 has a grand concert finish with a mahogany top, back and sides and an open pore natural finish. The AVN9 has a parlor body with mahogany top, back and sides and an open pore natural finish.

If you like the sound of torrefaction but aren’t a fan of Ibanez, Taylor, Martin and Yamaha have also begun to use similar processes for certain models.

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Stephen Charlton
Stephen Charlton is a musician and journalist based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Bruce
    2016/11/08 at 7:54 pm

    hi I like the all mahogany parlor guitar especially with the thermo aged top, can you tell me if the back is thermo aged as well and the weight of the guitar as I am wanting as light as possible

    • Stephen Charlton
      2016/11/15 at 2:49 am

      Hi Bruce, Ibanez specifically say “thermo-aged mahogany top” but for the back they just say “mahogany back”, so I would have to assume it’s solely the top that gets the thermo-aging. Hmm Ibanez didn’t say the weight but Sweetwater listed the AVN9 as 3lbs 6oz.

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