Pro-Mark Neil Peart Autograph Series Drumsticks Wood Tip


Want to play like Neil Peart?

With Neil Peart being one of the best drummers in the world, it’s hard not to idolize him when playing the drums. When he drums out such complicated rhythms with such ease, you can’t help but wonder what gear he uses to achieve that sort of perfection (apart from his mad awesome skills of course!). So it should come as no surprise that his Pro-Mark Neil Peart drumsticks are some of the best out there. His autographed series is perfect for heavy metal and rock because of their durability and weight.

Pro-Mark Neil Peart Autograph Series Drumsticks Wood Tip



True to the drummer’s genre and style, these sticks give great sound for heavy metal, and they’re great for fast playing without breaking easily because of their durability. With a great length and thickness, these drumsticks can give a nice, fat sound making them great for rock music too.  The length and thickness acts like an extension of arm for smooth, fast playing and their weight is designed to keep them from feeling awkwardly light or awkwardly heavy when holding them.

However, the oak wood tips are a huge drawback for some, because they can be less durable than the rest of the drumstick, and they need to be replaced often, especially for heavy hitters. The sticks are made for heavy metal and because of that they aren’t the most versatile since they can’t do the bounces required in jazz that well. But for heavy metal and hard rock, they’re perfect, and they have a nice, sleek look to them so you can show off to all of your friends your awesome drumsticks as well. However, if you play in multiple genres, including jazz and classical, it’s best to have other sticks handy for those instruments. These sticks are available in the market for £5.93


Can’t go wrong with a drumstick from one of the worlds best drummers ever! The Shira Kashi Oak is so smooth and feels amazing! Also, the extra 1/4 inch makes a HUGE difference in reach.
These sticks are generally very durable. I have had probably over 20 pairs of sticks in total and only a few have broken easily, although recently I have been hitting much harder. So anyway, I love the length and thickness
This stick is great for the hard hitting rock drummer. When I broke my 5AL’s, I decided to try these, and they are great. I definitely prefer the Japanese Oak. Somewhat heavy, but great for hard rock.
As far as I’m concerned, these are great sticks made out of some of the hardest wood available. And as far as the tips chipping, every wood stick I’ve ever played has had chipping on the shoulder or tip, and going to a nylon tip is no guarantee you won’t lose the tip when playing, as that’s happened before

  • oak 747 wood tip
  • 16″-1/4″ L

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Neil Peart Autograph Series
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