Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap review

Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap header
Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap header

Playing shows with a heavy instrument becomes a drag real quick. The folks at Mono have come up with a solution to the woes of musicians who contend with a boat anchor every night: The Betty GS1 guitar strap. This spine-saver costs $50 USD (£35, $59 AUD). Looking for more guitar accessories/gadgets? Then go to the SoundBrenner Pulse Review.

Perfect for guitar or bass

The Betty guitar strap is available in short and long versions. These are sized at 40″-46″ and 47″-59″ respectively. The strap weighs in at 8oz (227gm) and has a broad width of 3″. Mono offer it in black and ash coloured versions. It’s worth noting that the strap is called the Betty on some sites while it’s referred to as the GS1 on others. The strap isn’t just for guitarists, as it would be perfect for easing off the load of a heavy bass. I bought the Betty after buying a 4.4kg Fender Precision, which is a full kilogram heavier than my previous bass (Ibanez SR 300, reviewed here).

Pros of the Betty guitar strap

Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap review bass
The Mono Betty on my Fender Precision.

So what makes the Mono Betty worth dropping $50 on? First of all, it’s heavily padded and wide, so the weight is distributed fairly evenly. It’s also made of tour-ready material. The rubber, steel and Neoprene design is seriously tough. I think even if I deliberately set out to tear it up, I’d struggle to do much damage using my hands alone. Another big advantage is that the strap end holes are tight and robust. The fit on the guitar is about as iron-clad as you can get without using strap locks. Finally, it doesn’t use leather, which is rare among high end straps. Mono doesn’t specify exactly what each part in made of, but as far as I can tell none of it is animal products.

Not a winner in the looks department

Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap
The padded interior side of the Mono Betty.

It’s doesn’t look bad, but this material isn’t going to put leather straps out of style any time soon. If you wanna look like a rockstar, it’s probably not for you (not everyone can rock it like Scott Ian in the header). Also, I’m not 100% sold on the bulges in the fabric. It’s possible they are there to contour to the body better, but it seems sometimes the bulges actually push more into the collarbone than a flatter design would. This is a small issue though, it doesn’t make the strap hugely uncomfortable or anything.

It’s worth mentioning, the two sides of this strap are not created equal. The proper padding and feel is only on the interior matte side. I’ve seen reviews trashing the Mono Betty on the basis that it sticks to your shirt and drags it around. I suspect these users tried the strap the wrong way around, as only the outer, shiny side has this problem. If you don’t look at it closely, it is pretty easy to get it swapped around and put the wrong side facing inwards.

The Mono Betty verdict

Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap back
The exterior front side of the Betty guitar strap.

The Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap is a great design. It’s definitely worth the $50 asking price. It’s built tough, relieves the weight off your shoulders and it stays put on your guitar very firmly. I’d definitely recommend the strap to anyone with a heavy instrument. Before buying I looked at pretty much every non-leather 3″ strap on the market, and I didn’t find anything in the same price range with this degree of quality. The only real downside I can see is that it doesn’t look very rock ‘n’ roll.

United States: Amazon
United Kingdom/International: Thomann

  • Short version length: 40″ – 46″
  • Long version length: 47″ – 59″
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Width: 3″

Official listing

Mono Betty GS1 guitar strap header
Mono Betty GS1 is an excellent, well-priced guitar strap that helps relieve the weight of heavy instruments.
Worth it?98
Reader Rating1 Vote33
Seriously tough design
Effectively relieves weight
Firmly stays put on guitar
Priced well for what you get
The looks aren't anything to get excited about
  1. Positives: ComfortableNegatives: Too fat in my opinion.


    These are great straps. I also have an ESO strap which I now prefer because it is a slimmer look, but trusted these for years!

    Appearance user29
    Worth it? user76
    Hardware user78
  2. Hi, thanks for review! Have you measured actual width of this strap? Because I’ve bought one and mine is only 2″ though official product desription and your review says it should be 3″.

    1. Hey, no worries. I got it out and measured it just then, the Mono Betty GS1 I have is definitely 3″. Is it possible the supplier sent you the wrong model? The Mono Dolittle strap is 2″ and looks somewhat similar. Stephen.

  3. After years of trying various other “Wide Bass” straps, I’ve been purchasing only Mono Betty GS1’s for about 3 years (5 Basses and a glorious heavy AF 2011 Les Paul Classic Custom). I won’t mention the other brands here as they’re hardly “bad”, but the Mono Betty’s are clearly on a Professional level that are unmatched apart from super high-end leather straps…. which I have no ethical issues with using, I simply think the Mono’s modern materials and construction are unmatched.

    My one *tiny* niggle (which I know is very much a “me thing”) is that as a shorter Bassist who straps pretty high up, even the Short version isn’t quite as short as I’d like them to be. I’ve solved this by taking them in bulk to my tailor, who “tightened” and resewed the amount of loop they have, making a shorter length workable. His work is extremely high quality which leaves me with no worries about breakage, and by doing them in bulk only cost me about $5 USD per strap… which I’m totally willing to pay for the perfect strap.

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