Get tones off My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless with Robert Keeley Loomer

My Bloody Valentine Loveless Robert Keeley Loomer Kevin Shields
My Bloody Valentine Loveless Robert Keeley Loomer Kevin Shields

After a great success with the Dark Side and Monterey, Robert Keeley has now come with a stomp box with Loveless tones in it. The Keeley Loomer packs the hypnotizing tones created by Kevin Shields for My Bloody Valentine’s groundbreaking 1991 album Loveless. He relied on producing textures instead of focusing too much on technique. Moreover, it is a new addition to the “famous-guitar-sounds-in-a-box” series.

Keeley Loomer offers total of six fuzz and reverb tones

The Keeley Loomer promo video features mind altering sounds that would hypnotize just about anyone. A My Blood Valentine fan would instantly become nostalgic listening to this. Back in the day, Kevin Shields had used a chain of gear for the perfect sound we hear in Loveless. On the contrary, a Keeley Loomer box is all you need to reproduce the iconic fuzz and reverb sounds on the album. Robert Keeley Engineering has done a great job at getting this product out. I am sure it wasn’t an easy task to put Kevin Shields in a box.

No Jazzmaster for tremolo sounds? No worries

My Bloody Valentine Loveless Robert Keeley Loomer Kevin Shields pedal
Another angle of the Keeley Loomer.

Fuzz and reverb are the heart and soul of shoegaze music. The Keeley Loomer offers 3 kinds of fuzz and 3 kinds of reverb, with envelope controlled vibrato mimics the sound of a Jazzmaster tremolo arm. Additionally, it also offers the guitar player to set the decay times from 150ms to 500ms in steps of 50ms. The tremolo strumming intensity can be controlled with a foot switch.

The Keeley Loomer will come at a price $299 with only few units available for the time being. Fans are already going nuts about the prospect of the Loveless tones in one box. All blame goes to the teaser that probably hypnotized everyone.


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