Laney announce Nexus-SLS bass head and Nexus-SLS112 combo


British boffins Laney have announced two new feature-packed bass amps, the 500-watt Nexus-SLS head and the 500-watt Nexus-SLS112 combo. The specs of the hybrid tube amps will make them right at home both in the studio and onstage. The Nexus line is the high-end option provided by the company.

Laney’s Nexus-SLS offers flexibility and power

The Laney Nexus-SLS head.

The 4.5kg Nexus-SLS head is designed to take the flexibility and power of the 1000-watt Nexus SL and deliver it in a more compact unit. The Nexus-SLS112, which comes in at 19.5kg, delivers a similar offering in a combo format.

The single channel amps share an identical front panel and control scheme. They feature three-band EQs with sweepable mid frequencies, hi and low inputs and the following digital effects: Reverb, chorus, octave and fifth. The touch, tilt and shape controls further expand the tonal options. Laney include a footswitch, effects loop and tuner. In the studio users will have the benefit of a D.I. output and USB connectivity. Laney’s T-USB system can become your digital interface when recording. Laney have also included an auxiliary input for backing tracks and a headphone out.

Hybrid tube Nexus-SLS112 powered by ECC83s

laney-nexus-Nexus-SLS112 combo
The Laney Nexus-SLS112

Both amps are powered by ECC83 valves. The Nexus-SLS has an all-steel construction while the Nexus-SLS112 has a durable polyurethane covering and metal corner handles. The combo also features a 12″ neodymium driver, similar to the existing cabs in the Nexus line. If you are looking for a cab to pair with the SLS, Laney offer the following models in the Nexus line: The 300-watt N210, 400-watt N115 and 600-watt N410.

There’s no demo video available for the new products just yet, nor any word of release date or pricing. The existing Nexus SL is priced at $999.95 on Amazon or €835 on Thomann. The N210 can be picked up for $599.95 (£419 on Gear4Music),the N115 for $599.95 (£419 on Gear4Music) and the N410 will set you back $1,899.95 (£619 on Gear4Music).


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