Panama Guitars’ Road Series ER cab designed for extended range guitars

Panama Guitars Road Series ER cabinet extended range instruments
Panama Guitars Road Series ER cabinet extended range instruments

Panama Guitars have announced the Road Series ER, a guitar cabinet designed for extended range instruments. Many leading modern heavy music acts use these extended range guitars. However getting definition onstage with a super low tuning is only possible if you have a decent rig.

The Road Series ER will ship in August, you can preorder it now for £350. The cab is designed to deliver a massive, punchy low-end for drop-tuned and extended range guitars.

Road Series ER handmade by Panama Guitars

The cabinet is handmade in Panama by the boutique amp manufacturer. Panama Guitars Product Manager Luis Varela said that the guitar cabs that are designed for six-string players present a flubby low end, focusing players to nerf their amps’ bass control:

“We solved that problem by coupling our popular Aged V30 guitar speaker with a specially designed 10″ low frequency speaker, and now we can deliver frequencies as low as 50Hz while retaining much of the tightness that is coveted among extended range guitarists”

The Road Series ER is made from Spanish cedar for increased warmth. The tropical tonewood baffle is from a sustainable source which helps increase transient response. Panama Guitars wrap it all with their signature two-tone Tolex with gold piping.

For maximum flexibility each speaker has a rear-panel passive attenuator, allowing players to tailor the tone to their own taste.

Panama Guitars was founded in 2012 and offers a range of heads, cabinets and combos as well as a custom speaker driver. Their products generally have a distinct voicing, with a lot of warmth and personality. They also offer surprisingly affordable prices for a boutique builder.

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