D'Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock guitar strap
D'Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock guitar strap

D’Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock guitar strap review


Want to keep your guitar strapped on tight but don’t want to install strap locks? D’Addario / Planet Waves have the answer for you: The Planet Lock guitar strap. This two-inch strap costs only $12.25 USD (£8.79, $20.50 CAD, $25 AUD).

The strap is made by D’Addario subsidiary Planet Waves. The lock is implemented on the strap itself via a single button and rotary wheel system. The strap doesn’t have any bells or whistles – it’s just a straight-forward design that does exactly what it sets out to do.

Effective locking system

D'Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock guitar strap bass
The Planet Lock on a Fender Precision.

The locking system is on both ends of the strap and it’s quite effective. I did several gigs and a whole lot of rehearsals with the Planet Lock and the strap stayed firmly on my bass guitar throughout. The lock is quick and easy to engage, although it’s a little fiddly to disengage. It’s not bad enough to be a major inconvenience though. Competitor Jim Dunlop offer strap locks which are quicker to engage and disengage, although they require an installation to get the receiving lock on your guitar.

Planet Waves build ’em tough

The D’Addario / Planet Waves Planet Lock is made of tough materials. High-end straps like the Mono Betty do offer more hardy designs, but the Planet Lock is about as good it gets at this price-range. The strap is made polypropylene, which feels somewhat like a car seatbelt. The buckle and locking ends are made out of hard plastic which is pretty sturdy. The inside of the locking ends have a rubbery surface which prevents damage to your guitar or bass. My guitar ripped up the rubbery surface a little after many hours of playing, but it’s only cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect the use of the strap.

Comfortable for a two-inch guitar strap

D'Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock guitar strap button
The Planet Lock snapped up tight.

The Planet Lock is pretty comfortable for what it is. Being a two-inch strap with no padding, it’s not something I would use for a heavy instrument like my 4.4kg Fender Precision bass. For guitars and lighter basses like my Ibanez SR300, it works fine though.

Huge size range

The minimum length of the strap is 32″ and the maximum length is 60″. That’s a huge range for a strap and should cover everyone from Angus Young to James Hetfield. Note the official strap measurements are slightly different but that’s what I got when I measured it myself.

The Planet Lock Verdict

D'Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock guitar strap back
Another view of the Planet Lock.

The D’Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock is a great guitar strap. There’s certainly better straps out there, but for this price, you’d struggle to find a better deal. It’s sturdy, light, reasonably comfortable and easy to use. If I was a touring guitarist, I’d probably get old school strap locks like the Jim Dunlop design, as they are quicker to come on and off your guitar. But, if you don’t want to modify your guitar to get locks on there, this is definitely the next best thing.

United States: Amazon
United Kingdom/ International:  Thomann

  • Patented Planet Lock system fits virtually any guitar, eliminating the need to change hardware
  • Adjustable length from 32″ to 60″ long
  • Safe on all finishes, will not scratch your guitar’s body
  • Planet Waves Black design
  • Also available in regular leather end

Official listing

D'Addario Planet Waves Planet Lock guitar strap
The Planet Lock is a great, budget option for keeping your guitar strapped on firmly.
Worth it?95
Reader Rating2 Votes19
Straps on tight
Built tough
No installation needed
A bit fiddly to unlock
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