Positive Grid releases 600-watt BIAS Rack unit with software integration

Positive Grid Bias Rack Bias Head
Positive Grid Bias Rack Bias Head

Californian tone gurus Positive Grid have unveiled their BIAS Rack, which is a 600-watt standalone guitar amp. The company are perhaps best known for their guitar amp simulation software, but they are making inroads to hardware units. The BIAS Head launched late last month and now the Rack edition is in pre-order. The hardware units help free you from the tyranny of the mouse and lets you interact more directly with your tone. However you still get the flexibility enabled via integration with software.

BIAS Rack shipping for $999 in limited pre-order

Positive Grid is offering the BIAS Rack for $999 in a limited 50 unit pre-order that ships (for free) in September. If you miss out on that, the unit will retail for $1299 upon the full product launch in the fourth quarter of 2016.

With this kind of premium hardware unit, Positive Grid are now competing in the area dominated by Fractual Audio Systems Axe-Fx II. Fractual’s processor does sound amazing but at $2,249.95, most people would have to sell a kidney to afford it. At less than half the cost, BIAS certainly would have some room to move in. Big name guitarists including Marty Friedman, Tosin Abasi, Devin Townsend and Stephen Carpenter are already using Positive Grid software and hardware.

Rack unit covers bass and guitar tones

The BIAS Rack is a guitar and bass amp that enables you to mimic any existing guitar tone via Amp Match technology. This means you can duplicate the tones of your existing amplifiers and bring it into the digital realm. BIAS’s Amp Pro software is included, so users can download and share thousands of amp match models and save them on their rack. This is one of the features that helps BIAS stand out from the pack. The physical controls on the unit are universal, regardless of which patch you are running.

The software allows you to design amps component-by-component, right down to custom mic and cab responses. The unit is fully integrated with BIAS Amp for mobile and desktop. 25 factory presets ship with the unit to get you started. There’s a lot going on in the BIAS Amp software but once you get the hang of things it’s pretty easy to navigate. The sounds are among the best you can get in the desktop/mobile amp simulations market.

Extensive connectivity options

Positive-Grid-Bias-rack rear
The back panel of the Positive Grid Bias Rack.

Positive Grid have ensured you won’t have any trouble connecting the unit to your existing set-up. The BIAS Rack offers external pedal input, balanced/unbalanced line out, MIDI in/out and USB connections. You can connect your cab via the Class D 600 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohm or 300 Watts @ 16 Ohm.

If you prefer the BIAS Head option, the unit is now selling for $1299 on the Positive Grid site.

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