Hear the new Scuzz Box fuzz pedal by Kirk Hammett’s KHDK

Kirk-Hammett-KHDK Scuzz Box live
Kirk-Hammett-KHDK Scuzz Box live

KHDK has announced its fourth pedal, the Scuzz Box, which is a germanium-voiced fuzz pedal. KHDK was founded by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and industry pro David Karon. The US pricing for the new pedal is $199.95. It’s designed to provide singing and powerful fuzz with a gnarly edge. There’s no word on exactly when the Scuzz Box will be available for purchase.

Eagles of Death Metal guitarist Dave Catching demos Scuzz Box

Eagles of Death Metal and former Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Dave Catching gave the Scuzz Box a teaser playthrough for YouTube. The pedal has a retro voicing so perhaps that’s why they had Catching play. It would have been nice to see a more extensive playthrough with Hammett though.

The KHDK Scuzz Box is inspired by the iconic fuzz pedals of the 60s. The circuit has been enhanced to meet the needs of modern guitarists as well as do the trick for vintage pedal lovers. The pedal is made with discrete transistor technology. It’s powered by a 9V DC power supply or a single 9V battery.

KHDK Scuzz Box offers two modes of operation

Kirk-Hammett-KHDK Scuzz Box pedal
The KHDK Scuzz Box pedal.

There’s two modes for the pedal: Scuzz and Fuzz. Fuzz provides a highly dynamic fuzz tone which cleans up with your guitar volume. Scuzz is a gated fuzz sound with a wild, gnarly tone. It cuts off sustaining notes quickly with virtually no residual noise.

There’s four controls: Fuzz, Deep, Volume and Tone. The lower settings of Fuzz retain dynamics and pick sensitivity, while higher settings ramp up the distortion and sustain. Deep controls the lows included in the pedal’s output and defines the character of the tone before the gain stage. It allows you to match your guitar, pedal and amp to harmonize as a trio. Volume sets the output level, which KHDK says gets quite massive at the upper levels. Tone provides a natural high-cut with a very wide range.

The Scuzz Box can operate with buffer on or off. This enables you to eliminate unwanted oscillation that can occur if effects are placed in front of the Scuzz Box. It can also help retain clarity and eliminate signal loss from longer cables.

Kirk Hammett personally involved in pedal creation

Kirk-Hammett-KHDK Scuzz Box pedal and axe
Kirk Hammett with the KHDK Ghoul Screamer and LTD KH-Nosferatu guitar.

The line-up of KHDK already features the No. 1 Overdrive, No. 2 Clean Boost and the Ghoul Screamer. The idea for the third pedal was put forward by Hammett himself. The Metallica shredder wanted to get more versatility from his Tube Screamer and the Ghoul Screamer was the result.

Hammett and ESP recently released a limited run of 300 LTD KH-Nosferatu guitars. The model is one of several limited edition graphic guitars released by ESP and Metallica.


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