Summer NAMM: Boss Waza Craft CE-2W Chorus pedal announced

Boss CE-2w Waza Craft
Boss CE-2w Waza Craft

The Boss Waza Craft CE-2W Chorus pedal has been launched at Summer NAMM. The new pedal essentially crams the features of the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and the CE-2 Chorus into a single pedal, with some additional features included.  The new product is just the latest in Boss’s beautiful Waza Craft line of analog pedals.

Boss builds off back of classic chorus pedals CE-1 and CE-2

When it was launched in 1976, the CE-1 was the first Boss pedal as well as the first chorus effect pedal. The CE-2 was launched three years later, squeezing the pedal into a more compact format. Boss is offering the CE-2W to mark the 40th anniversary of the CE-1. As you can hear in the video above, the new model can cover a lot of sonic territory. There’s no official word on pricing yet, but several existing Waza Craft re-issue models are priced at $149.

Boss CE-2W familiar to Waza Craft fans

The CE-1 Chorus Ensemble.

The functionality of the Waza Craft CE-2W will be familiar to those who have seen the other pedals in the Waza Craft line. The pedal’s Standard mode faithfully recreates the original CE-2 chorus sound. It also adds the expansive sound field afforded by a stereo output, which was not available in the mono CE-2. The pedal’s CE-1 mode reproduces the stereo chorus and vibrato effects from the Chorus Ensemble. Boss have also added the ability to vary chorus depth, which was not possible in the original.

boss-ce-2w-ce-2 Chorus
The older CE-2 Chorus pedal.

Boss is manufacturing the CE-2W in Japan, just as the CE-1 and CE-2 were. The new pedal has all-analog circuitry with a bucket-brigade (BBD) delay line. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

We recently reported on the release of the Boss Waza Craft TU-3W Chromatic Tuner, which is based on the popular TU-3 model. We also reviewed two Waza Craft models: The Boss SD-1W Super Overdrive and the Boss DM-2W Analog Delay. If you’re having trouble picking from the many Boss delay models, we have done a buyer’s guide here.




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