Wireless onstage monitoring gets affordable with SupraMonitor Kickstarter

Supramonitor Kickstarter Augmented Acoustics 1
Supramonitor Kickstarter Augmented Acoustics 1

French start-up Augmented Acoustics is doing some very interesting things with onstage monitoring at the moment. Last month they launched a Kickstarter for SupraMonitor, which is a smart wireless in-ear monitoring system for musicians. SoundReview spoke to Augmented Acoustics co-founder Stéphanie Plasse, who explained the system is targeted at:

“bands who want to acquire a qualitive, powerful and flexible in-ear monitor mixing system at a competitive price.”

Affordable, quality wireless monitoring

She said that affordability is one factor that makes the stand out in the market, stating that it costs:

“1795€ for a five musicians’ band at an early-bird price, while an individual personal mixing monitor system costs between 200€ and 700€.”

SupraMonitor allows musicians to fine-tune their own mix via the included smartphone app. Musicians can create mix presets and switch between them with a single click. The included transmitter can provide this wireless solution to up to 10 or 40 musicians at once, depending on the version.

Augmented Acoustics co-founder on the benefits of Kickstarter

Supramonitor Kickstarter Augmented Acoustics unit
The SupraMonitor transmitter, app and Peeble receiver.

Plasse said Augmented Acoustics chose the Kickstarter route for several reasons:

“SupraMonitor capitalizes on more than two years of developments already done for SupraLive, our patented revolutionary service that allows spectators to customize their sound experience during a concert using their smartphones.”

“Nevertheless, to meet musician’s expectations with SupraMonitor, we need to make substantive changes and new developments. Thus, we have decided to launch this Kickstarter campaign to finance Peeble’s design improvement and new industrial moulds production, and mobile application additional developments and adaptation.

“Of course, this Kickstarter is also an opportunity to communicate about SupraMonitor and to get feedbacks from musicians.”

24 bit, 96 kHz audio quality

The rear panel of the transmitter.

Plasse highlighted the “unparalleled” sound quality of the system, which runs at 24 bit 96 kHz, with 144 dB dynamic range per track, linear PCM, no compression and patented no latency control system.  There’s a musician and a supervisor login, and the latter allows default audio settings to be presented to the band (Trim, Dyn, EQ, Premix, Pan, Master Volume, Channels set-up).

The standard transmitter supports up to 10 musicians at once while the ‘orchestra’ version supports up to 40. The system is compatible with digital or analog consoles, and it’s also economical due to the rechargeable battery.

The SupraMonitor Kickstarter wraps up on July 29 and the all-or-nothing goal is €180,000.

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