Wounded Paw Bass 701 Bass Amplifier Offers 700 Watts of Attitude

Wounded Paw Effects Bass 701 amplifier
Wounded Paw Effects Bass 701 amplifier

Wounded Paw Effects have released the Bass 701, a monster 700-watt bass amp made in Toronto. The amp can get quite filthy and would be right at home for doom, hard rock, blues or anything that requires a lot of attitude and personality. With the level of customisation available the amp is not limited to the aforementioned genres though. It’s priced at $965.00 CAD ($773.17 USD) and the company ship worldwide.

Wounded Paw Effects specialises in hand-built pedals and effects blenders, while the new product is the only amp currently offered by the company. The Bass 701 is compact yet provides a ton of overdrive and a large amount of flexibility to shape your tone. The six-band overdrive in particular allows plenty of customisation.

Bass 701 features flexible overdrive section

The six frequency bands of the overdrive section each go into their own overdrive channel, with separate drive and level controls. All the channels are then summed together to create a harmonically rich tone that maintains the integrity of each note played. A wide range of drive can be applied to each frequency band in addition to the ability to adjust individual channel volume.

Effects loop and footswitch included

The Bass 701 has an effects loop which can be set before or after the overdrive section. You can also adjust the level of the signal sent to the effects loop. A footswitch is included to switch between overdrive and clean. The class D power amp delivers 700 watts into a 4 ohm speaker load.

Wounded Paw Effects have included a separate level control to set the output volume to the balanced/unbalanced 1/4” jacks and balanced XLR, which allow connection to other amplifiers or mixing consoles. The Bass 701 is set in a lightweight 12″ W x 3″ H x 9″ D package.

Wounded Paw Bass 701 maintains dynamics and articulation

Wounded Paw Effects Bass 701 Blender V3
Wounded Paw Effects are perhaps better known for the pedals and blenders, such as the Blender V3.

The company linked a demo recorded by James Knopp on the product page. Knopp had the following to say about the Bass 701:

“I have only scratched the surface…I think this amp translates my basses fundamental so true and the dynamics are wonderful. I did this first video with no effects and started out clean because I am impressed with its low end clarity and when it’s turned up you never lose anything.”

Toronto bassist The Bunn also had the chance to demo the amp and commented:

“If you love dirty, but smooth upper mids, as well as tight, powerful articulation, I highly suggest taking this amp for a spin.”

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