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ACDC, the classic Australian hard rock band previously announced that they would be releasing a new album some time soon. A lot has been happening within the band. There is a good news as well as a bad news for all of us. Lets get done with the bad news first.

We already had the clue about the bad news in our previous post regarding Malcolm. Due to his degrading health, Malcolm has been forced to sit aside and would not be playing with the band anytime soon. In fact, he had to make an exit which is a very sad news for ACDC fans. ACDC has never released an album without Malcom’s contribution in it. Another news that came along with the announcement of album is that the 40th World Tour of 2015 will definitely happen but of course, without Malcolm. Steve Young, Malcom’s nephew will replace him in the World Tour and any of the future releases.

Whatever it is, whenever ACDC has faced serious problems they have managed to overcome it. They effectively convey their emotions through their music and that is what really sets their music apart from everything else. So, we can expect that their next album is going to great one as always.

Speaking of new album the good news is, ACDC will be releasing their new album “Rock or Bust” on December 2, 2014. Consider it as a early Christmas gift to all of ACDC fans. Play Ball, one of the eleven tracks from the new album was publicly played during the Major League Baseball playoffs. True ACDC fans will know that the ball game and the song Play Ball have nothing common. Apart from that, the song can be streamed on their Vevo channel on Youtube. By first listening to this new song, it feels like we have landed back in the 90s. The music track is just 2 minutes 49 seconds long. From some sources on the internet, I came to know that almost every song in the new album is quite short, which makes this album just over 35 minutes in length; shortest album ever!

Even though they released just one music track, someone has managed to leak the title song “Rock or Bust” and it can be streamed on the internet if you know how to search.

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