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ACDC’s New Album Coming in 2015

ACDC’s New Album Coming in 2015

by Salil Tembe2014/08/04

The pioneers of hard-rock music, the AC/DC band is an old one with its beginnings going back to more than 4 decades. They release their albums after long periods of silence and make a huge impact on their audience. They have managed to sell more than 200 million albums worldwide making them Australia’s biggest music exporter. The news has come that they have finished recording their new, upcoming album. The last album was released back in 2008 which they named it as “Black Ice”. About 5.3 million copies of that album were sold worldwide. The new album is still unnamed but Brian Johnson has expressed his wish to name it as “Man down” for reasons which will become clear as you read. The completion of the album came after hard, intense labour during the last few months in the Vancouver studio.

Behind the new album is the hand of rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young who provided the band members with constant inspiration in spite of being in a hospitalized state. Due to some illness, Malcolm Young had to be hospitalized and is known to be recovering from it. Although, he has not fully recovered to make a comeback on the stage. He would also be missed in the album. The question comes on who filled the position of Malcolm? It is none other than Malcolm’s nephew, Stevie Young, temporarily replaced his role in the band along with Young’s brother Angus. Stevie has also replaced Malcolm during world tours.

It is quite unclear on what is the cause for Malcolm’s illness because according to the band member Johnson, he is quite a private person who does not like to share many things with the world. Malcolm’s true health condition is all speculation, although some unknown sources have stated that he has developed dementia and which might be early stage of Alzheimer’s while there has been another rumour about him developing cancer.

Malcolm’s illness break had created a wave of rumours saying that the band has quit the music scene. But that is definitely not true. There were also rumours about Malcolm retiring from the music career, but it is all speculation unless we get an official word from the band itself. Brian Johnson said “He’s a fighter. He’s in hospital but he’s a fighter. We’ve got our fingers crossed that he’ll get strong again.” indicating us to hope for Malcolm’s return in near future.

Johnson also indicated a possibility of a massive world tour which would include 40 performances marking the 40th anniversary of the band. It has been nearly four years since they did a tour. The tour also has plans to arrive in UK sometime in 2015’s summer to give a performance at Wembley Stadium and Glasgow’s Hampden Park.

AC/DC’s new album is mostly likely set to be released in 2015.

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