Aphex Twin Release LP Syro after 13 years of Silence

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For nearly 13 years Richard D. James sat silently in his den working on some of his own stuff. Since 2001 there has been no word from him about releasing any new music. But that does not mean he did not make any music. It is just that he did not release it to the public. Every one of his fans was expecting eagerly for new releases. His die hard fans even started out a kickstarter campaign raising a truck full of money just so that he can release some new music.

Finally, James has come out to the public about his new release. SYRO is the name of his new album which is coming this September. His last album was called Drukqs which he released in 2001. On August 18, 2014 James released SYRO track list which was accessible only through the Tor browser; It is now publicly available to everyone. James is one of the most influential artists in the electronic music scene. In a recent interview he mentions being very busy with his kids and has been living in a small town near Glasgow. For a long time he has been making music which he never released to the public and according to him, Syro is just a small collection of his work in the past 10 years.

James says

“It’s about a fifth of what I’ve done in the last 10 years. One album out of many possible ones.”

Later on in the interview he says, that in order to move ahead with this music production he needs to clear out his past work, the psychological barrier to go ahead with his new work.

To give his fans a little sneak-peak into his upcoming release, Warp Studios released Aphex Twin minipops 67 on YouTube. The track comprises of a number interesting notes hitting your ears in a unique, yet simple way. It is not a very memorable track that you will play in your mind all day. A lot of viewers have said that is a pretty weak track but nevertheless they all await the final release. Just as excited as the fans are about the album, James says,

“I’m feeling really horny about it”.

The new album will be released on 22nd September through various mediums. You can pre-order it right now on Bleep. You can also register for the special release which will win you a unique hand crafted vinyl record of the album. Only 200 copies of the limited edition will be made available and will be given to the fans based on lottery system. The limited edition costs £250, a lot more than the digital download version.


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