Architects debut clip for Gone With the Wind

Architects Gone With the Wind
Architects Gone With the Wind

Metalcore quintet Architects have unveiled a video clip Gone With the Wind, the second single cut from their upcoming album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us.

Architects show melodic side Gone With the Wind

The Brighton, UK, group will release their 11-track album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us on May 27 on Epitaph. Gone With the Wind features prominent use of synthesizers and extensive clean vocals, including a very sparse bridge where we get to see a different side of vocalist Sam Carter, who normally has a much more scorched earth approach.

The first single off the album, A Match Made in Heaven, was released with a video clip last month. The track again features prominent synthesizers, although it’s heavier than Gone With the Wind. The two tracks seem to suggest the new material is a natural progression from Architects’ 2014 effort Lost Forever // Lost Together, with perhaps a more experimental edge. Lost Forever hit the UK top 20 and was by far the group’s most successful effort to date.

Architects work again with Fredrik Nordström

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us was produced by Swedish production wizard Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg. Lost Forever // Lost Together was recorded at the same studio. This helps provide a sense of continuity for the material.

In a vlog tracking the album recording, guitarist and lyricist Tom Searle said working at Studio Fredman again was an obvious choice:

“It’s not that we had a deep problem with the way our previous records sounded. I just remember being in this room when we listened back to the first mix of Naysayer. I, honest to God, had tears in my eyes, because I was like ‘it sounds exactly how I want it to sound. This is how I imagined it would sound’. I think that’s the first time I’d ever truly had that feeling that someone that we’d done was how I imagined it in my head. It felt like, let’s not roll the dice again. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Carter reflected on the growth the band is witnessing:

“We’ve gone from playing a handful of shows a year where you could go ‘oh I really enjoyed that show, that was my favourite show’, to touring Lost Forever, it felt like every single night, the show topped the night before. We’ve never had a tour like that before, where every single show was sick.”

“On this one it’s like, we knew what we were doing there, now let’s push it times ten. It needs to be truly special to be what we managed to achieve with Lost Forever.”

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is available for pre-order in CD and vinyl format.

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