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Label gives Architects’ sales directly to band after Tom Searle’s death

Architects guitarist Tom Searle UNFD
Architects guitarist Tom Searle UNFD

Following the death of Architects’ guitarist Tom Searle, the band’s Australian record label UNFD will give revenue from the band’s sales directly to the band for one month without taking any cut themselves.

Tom Searle passes at 28 years of age

Architects guitarist Tom Searle UNFD band

Searle’s death following a three-year battle with cancer was announced on Monday by his brother Dan Searle, who plays drums Architects. Tom was the main songwriter and lyricist for the band. He was 28 at the time of his death.

UNFD said they wanted to encourage people to discover the band’s music:

“Tom wrote incredible music that affected us and everyone we know in positive ways. As such, for every album downloaded or streamed on services for the next month, UNFD won’t be taking any kind of cut from the revenue.”

UNFD are only able to do this for All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (2016) and Lost Forever // Lost Together (2014). Architects’ previous albums were released on Century Media.  Note that Epitaph have rights to the albums outside of Australia. You can see the UNFD Architects page here. Fans flooded the label’s Facebook page with messages of support for the move.

Architects push on with tour commitments

Architects will push on with their Australian tour with Bring Me the Horizon, which is due to start on September 14. They will also complete their upcoming UK and European headline tour throughout October and November. See all their upcoming dates here.

The news of Searle’s death came as a shock to many. He was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer in 2013, but was given a clean bill of health following surgery to remove part of his lower leg. Fans were not aware that he was still fighting the cancer. On Monday Dan Searle commented on Tom’s refusal to let the disease take over his life:

“Many of you will be aware that Tom has been absent from various shows over the past 15 months and I can now let you know that this was due to various surgeries that he had to have to treat the cancer. He had been advised to stay in hospital to receive care but ultimately there was nothing that they could do for him and he signed himself out of the ward two days before we departed for Germany. Some of you might view this as reckless but this is the way Tom wanted to do things throughout his last year because he never wanted the cancer to get in the way of what he loved. He got on stage and performed his last two shows at Rock Am Ring and Rock im Park, which took him an incredible amount of strength but those are two shows that we will never forget.”

British metalcore titans will continue

The UK five-piece stated they wish to carry on. However they will not release anymore new music unless they are sure that Tom would be proud of it, adding:

“Whether or not we can achieve that is something that we will have to discover in time.”

Losing your guitarist, keyboardist, lyricist and songwriter would certainly be a big knock to any band. If Architects do continue to release music it seems likely their output would sound very different. That’s never been something that the band has shied away from though. After all they did move from gritty, tech metal to a much more melodic sound in recent years.

The band members set up a donation page for Martlets Hospice in Hove, which is where Tom spent the last days of his illness. The hospice is funded largely by public contributions.

UNFD also feature The Amity Affliction on their roster. See our recent review of the band’s new album This Could be Heartbreak here.

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