Best Coast’s Fade Away – Revival of what they had already delivered

best coast fadeaway
best coast fadeaway

Best Coast’s seven song EP ‘Fade Away’ was released last month in October. Bethany Cosentino the lead vocalist and song writer from the American indie rock and pop duo has been praised to have sounded more mature than ever. Fade Away is Cosentino’s quest to answer the questions she still haven’t found answers to, such as personal growth and what kind of a person has she become. It also highlights the inner turmoil and how happiness leads to create its own pain and anxieties. Relationships and separation has been a continual theme in the EP.

The EP is a typical Best Coast production containing a significant amount of reverb, repetitions and artless lyrics about random and petty things. Best Coast has found their artistic identity and has established itself at the high levels of indie pop music. The ballad ‘Fade Away’ draws a picture of a plain Californian summer.

The issue lies within their monotonous themes. Music fans are unsatisfied with her issues about weed and boyfriends which seem never ending. The lyrics are inane complaints about an upset heart. Best Coast is not shy to be simplistic and fuss over the complexities of love and life. To many it seems too similar to their 2010 album ‘Crazy For You’. Cosentino has become old-timer at simplifying intricate human emotions and reactions and shortening them down to modest sentences. The person that’s inside of me / She’s real  / She’s mean / She doesn’t say anything / My heart can tell / What she screams and yells / That inside she’s cold / And she’ll never grow old.

If the listeners complain about a mere amount of 27 minutes of Fade Away, Best Coast should consider making a few changes for next their spell. Maybe its time for them to be inspired to produce some new original sparks and grow out of tedium.

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