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The Talent from Liverpool – BIRD the Band

The Talent from Liverpool – BIRD the Band

by Khurram2013/10/12

Very different from mainstream music. Fusion of various tones and beats.


Nothing to mention

Interesting Sounds of Liverpool’s Bird the Band

Currently the most heard complaints by music enthusiasts are about how bad the mainstream music has become. Giants in the music industry are not focusing on the quality of their product but more on its commercialisation. Therefore today I am reviewing Bird the Band, which is an emerging band from Liverpool. It comprises of band members Adele Emmas, Sian Williams, Alexis Samata and Christian Sandford.

Bird’s music is anything but commercial or ‘mainstream’. Their unique style is captivating, dark and sends chills down the spine. Bird has not stuck to one genre as their music is diversified with very few acts similar as theirs. Their ghostly vocals infused with tribal drums, hints of cymbal and smooth violin tunes have made them an immediate local sensation.

In 2012 Bird released their E.P. Shadows which received a great feedback for their captivating music, capturing interest of the media and press as well as gaining a fan base in their country, UK. The song grabs the listeners’ attention in the first few seconds by opening with a wordless vocal and continues to tell a story about one’s demons and turmoil, experimenting with high and low hypnotic notes. The percussions and harmonious melody of this song add a spiritual and gothic element to it.
The band’s other sons like Pious, Ophelia, I Am the Mountain and Phantom are made to inspire and send the listener into a trance. Their poetic lyrics capture a morbid essence, sending dark vivid imaginations to one’s head.

Bird has toured in many cities of England this year achieving loyal fan following and popularity by their enchanting performances and giving the audience a rare, never forgetting experience. They have been featured on BBC Radio stations including Radio 1, 2, 3 and 6. And also have been ‘Band of the Day’ for The Guardian.

To sum up, this upcoming British band is extremely talented and their mesmerizing music will pull you towards their magical, spiritual world. This is a musical discovery definitely to be made!

BIRD is creating music that’s hauntingly beautiful and forcefully captivating” – The Guardian

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