Dropkick Murphy’s annual St. Patrick’s day tour from Feb. 18

One of the notable names in the American Celtic Punk music scene would be the band Dropkick Murphys. Formed in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1996, the band had established itself by releasing five albums with Hellcat Records and constant touring. The band is known to support union and working class causes and called themselves as “Democrats”. They have also been part of a political activist group called, the Punkvoter, dedicated to defeating George W. Bush.

Dropkick Murphy’s annual St. Patrick’s day tour shows are held in and around Boston. The band has announced its schedule for their St. Patrick’s Day tour this year. The tour will kick off on February 18th   in Cleveland and would wrap up on St. Patrick’s Day with six shows, five of which are already sold out in their hometown of Boston.

Last year’s concert was controversial as a man was beaten up by the band’s lead singer/bass player Ken Casey. It all started when the band invited ladies for their encore of “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced”. 50+ ladies managed to get on the stage and danced to the song. When the band kicked into the song “Skinhead on the MBTA”, a ton of dudes made past the security and the stage was all crowded. As the band covered the song “TNT” by the band AC/DC, a guy on the stage started seig heiling (the Nazi salute) in time to the beat. Ken Casey noticed this and ran over to the guy, smashed his face, took off his bass guitar and hit him with that. Ken jumped over the guy into the crowd and after about 30 seconds emerged back on stage with his bass guitar and torn clothes. He then strapped on his bass and said into the microphone “NAZIS ARE NOT FUCKING WELCOME AT A DROPKICK MURPHYS SHOW!”

The tour dates of the band’s St. Patrick Tour are available on their official website. The people attending the concert are advised to leave their sieg heils at home.


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