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Eminem’s Rap God puts Lil Wayne to shame!

Eminem’s Rap God puts Lil Wayne to shame!

by Salil Tembe2014/02/17

Has one of the most fastest rapping speeds of 6.5 words a second! The words are audible and clarity is great in spite of the supersonic speeds. Song has deep meaning.


Rap God does not have any negatives except that I could not sense the emotion factor at many places through out the song.

“Rap God” is a popular rap song produced by Eminem last year. It first appeared on Youtube and was later released on October 15. This rap song is the third single of his album “Marshall Mathers LP2” which was released on November 15, 2013. Eminem began working on this album by revisiting his best selling album Marshall Mathers LP which was released back in 2000.

Rap God is a song which some what described Eminem’s struggles and experiences in his rap career. He also effectively tries to describe other rappers’ conduct and behaviour in the industry. In an interview with Montreality, Jazzy Jeff mentioned that back in the year 1990, Will Smith heard Eminem’s song and gave him feedback about it. The feedback from Will Smith said “You are either gonna be the biggest flop in Hip Hop or you are gonna be the biggest thing we’ve ever seen in Hip Hop”.

Eminem is known for creating controversial lyrics which result in some people being offended by it. Rap God is no exception to it and adds in another record of controversy in the list. The song contains lyrics which talk about the Columbine High school massacre. The lyrics goes as follows

Seven kids from columbine; Put ’em all in a line, add a AK-47, a revolver, a nine

This line was censored although an uncensored version of the song is also available on Youtube through his Vevo channel. It has apparently got around 59 million views. The rap song also has reference to Monica Lewinsky, Ray J and the planking fad that was popular a couple of years ago.

Rap God is a song which truly shows Eminem’s rapping skills. At 4:26 minutes into the song, Eminem achieves a record of 97 words in 15 seconds which equates to 6.5 words a second!!! This is something that only a “Rap God” can do. Lot of music critics gave positive reviews about the song.

Even at the “supersonic speed” at which Eminem has rapped the song, the clarity of the words is amazing and every word is perfectly audible. The critics were impressed at the amount of tongue twisting that goes on throughout the entire song.

Eminem struggled his way to the top over the past few years when the media and his family were all out against him. He also faced the homophobia controversy against him and not to forget the times when rap industry was pretty small. Eminem, with his controversial yet bitter true lyrics made himself big as well as brought the rap music to a greater audience.  Marshall Mathers LP 2 is based on his former success and it appears that Eminem is doing what Jay Z did. He also used his past success as a base to his new songs. It might appear so in case of Eminem, but he is already sitting on a huge pile of cash. So his new album is definitely not a stunt to make cash from former success!

When you listen to the best songs from Jay Z and Lil Wayne and then compare it to those of Eminem, you will find more meaning in the lyrics of Eminem’s raps. Not to forget the tongue twisting and controversial stir that he creates with most of his songs! The truth is right in front of us. We all have different choices, so you may not consider Eminem to be the best, but in my opinion he has the full right to claim the top position for now.


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