New Fall Out Boy and Blink 182 songs drop on the same day!

Fall Out Boy Blink-182 new album. Photo: Pamela Littky.
Fall Out Boy Blink-182 new album. Photo: Pamela Littky.

Yes you heard right: Two of the biggest pop-punk legends on the planet just dropped a song each on the same day. Fall Out Boy released their first new single in two years, Young And Menace, while Blink-182 dropped a killer B-side: 6/8.

Out of the two songs Young And Menace is surely the more notable, as it’s the lead single from Fall Out Boy’s forthcoming new album Mania, which is due out on September 15. I’ll be honest though I’m not a massive pop/EDM fan so the hard-hitting vibe of 6/8 was much more to my taste.

New Blink-182 is “strangest” song band have ever recorded

Blink-182 announced the new song on Twitter, commenting:

“This is the strangest song Blink have ever recorded. It’s in 6/8 time. It’s aggressive & one of our favorites from the deluxe because of it.”

The band are referring to the deluxe version of their 2016 album California, which is due out on May 19. The release includes several other unheard B-sides, including Parking Lot and Can’t Get You More Pregnant.

6/8 is actually much better than many of the songs on the original California release. It’s possible the band left it out because it didn’t flow with the tracklisting, or maybe they wanted to keep some bangers up their sleeve to help shift the deluxe edition. It’s hard to imagine the band ever releasing anything this hard-hitting with Tom DeLonge in the band. Thankfully the new line-up really kick ass at writing heavier tunes.

Fall Out Boy shock fans with EDM sound

Fall Out Boy Blink-182 new album young
No, these days aren’t coming back unfortunately.

The new Fall Out Boy single has already started causing controversy. If you were hoping for a return to their roots like Blink 182 did with California, well you can forget about it. Young And Menace sounds very much like a 2017 mainstream single, and nothing like the pop-punk material Fall Out Boy built their name on. It starts like a pop tune before heading into a bombastic EDM-style drop.

Lucas C.’s comment on YouTube really sums up fan response to the new song quite succinctly:

“Geez, you guys need to chill, it’s just a song, not the entire album. If you really want to argue about something, bash it on the title. It’s way too short. It should be: ‘I Waited Two Years For Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Weird But Awesome Video With Creepy Llamas And EDM (Me & You).'”

Fall Out Boy’s new album goes completely “off-script”

Fall Out Boy made no secret of their pop aspirations on their previous album American Beauty/American Psycho, and it seems they’ve doubled down on this direction. Frontman Patrick Stump commented to AltPress about the new material:

“This [record] is the most off-script we’ve gone. I want to try to invent something, because life’s too short.”

The bizarre video clip for Young and Menace, which of course stars those creepy llamas, was directed by SCANTRON and Mel Soria. Bassist Pete Wentz spoke to NME about the inspiration behind the clip:

“The concept is the idea of a movie like Elf, where he realizes maybe he isn’t an elf after all, but ours has less comedic elements and more real world implication. She realizes that maybe she is human after all – but maybe the line between us and monsters is blurrier than we think…”

Fall Out Boy will head out on a 20-date US tour in October to support the release of Mania. The band will donate ticket proceeds from the tour to the Fall Out Boy Fund, which supports Chicago-based charities. It’s curious that the band left a four-month gap between the announcement of the single and the release of the album. Nowadays it seems surprise and rapid-fire album releases are becoming more of a trend, but I guess Fall Out Boy haven’t decided to do everything by the 2017 pop method.

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