Foo fighter’s New Album ‘Sonic Highways’ coming soon

Foo Fighters recently revealed their upcoming album which would be named as Sonic Highways. Foo Fighters have been constantly keeping their fans’ anticipation up by releasing small sneak peaks which gives an insight of what’s to come. As we all know by now, Sonic Highways is going to be an 8 song album which amounts to approximately 44 minutes.

In mid September this year, they revealed a 2 minute in-depth video about the new album Sonic Highways. It tells us all about the process they went through to get the songs compiled and how the album has taken its shape. You cannot expect a whole lot to know, but this is what the video says – Foo Fighters decided to record every song in a different city. Not only that, but they also invited various musicians or artists to take part and display their skill, each being from the respective city they visited. The video gives us some idea to expect Chuck D, Guns N’ Roses, Mike D, Buddy guy and many others. In short, we all can expect a long line of guest appearances in the album. Indeed, the 2 minute video is not all they have to offer. A complete documentary will be airing on HBO on October 17 onwards at 11 pm which will take us a lot deeper into the making of Sonic Highways. Every episode that will be airing on HBO will eventually build up to the album release of Sonic Highways on November 10. In addition to that, at the end of every episode Foo Fighters will present a song which the audience can enjoy. According to Grohl, the episode will speak about the making of the respective song which will be presented at the end of the episode. The video must surely add in some anticipation for the new album. But that is not it, Foo Fighters went a step ahead and played an instrumental version of one of the songs from Sonic Highways. The song is named as “Outside” and it is number 5 in the album song list.

You can check out the instrumental in the video below:

These are the tracks that will come as part of Sonic Highways Album:

‘Something From Nothing’
‘The Feast and The Famine’
‘What Did I Do?/God As My Witness’
‘In The Clear’
‘I Am A River’

The vinyl release of the album will have an assortment of 9 different covers based around the theme of different cities the album was recorded in. Their previous album “Wasting Light” was a big hit as well. All the 14 songs from that album were written while being in various cities they visited during their tour. Unlike the previous 2 albums from Foo Fighters that were recorded in their home built studio, Wasting Light was recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage. That is not it, the recordings were done entirely on analog equipment, except the post mastering which had to be done on digital system. Foo Fighters crew had to really put their skills to the test because in an analog system, you cannot really fix a broken tone so easily. Wasting Light sold upwards of half a million copies in the first week across UK, US, and Canada. Wasting Light is also the first album upon which they decided to make their own historic documentary about the band and now they are doing a similar thing with Sonic Highways.

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