From Underground to UK Top 10: Heaven’s Basement


Heaven’s Basement is a British hard rock band which was formed in 2008. Their band comprises of Aaron Buchanan on lead vocals, Sid Glover on lead guitars, Rob Ellershaw on bass and Chris Rivers on drums. Heaven’s Basement is known for their extensive tours and powerful performances. They released their first self-titled E.P. in the year of 2008 which received quite some positive reviews.  Heaven’s Basement spent the rest of the year performing gigs in small cafes and pubs first and then toured all over UK and then in Europe the next year. Later that year Heaven’s Basement performed alongside Papa Roach and New Device. In early 2010 their first lead vocalist Richie Heavanz could not cope up with the rigorous touring schedules and the band announced his departure. While they toured with Johnny Fallen as their temporary vocalist, it took them almost a year to find Richie’s replacement. With Aaron on vocals Heaven’s Basement released their second E.P ‘Unbreakable’ followed by a UK tour  which was extremely successful and landed them a spot in the Download Festival  and the High Voltage Festival. In February 2013 Heaven’s Basement released their debut album titled ‘Filthy Empire’ which made it to #9 on the BBC Rock Album Charts. The single from the album ‘Fire Fire’ was released the previous year and immediately became viral and caused great anticipation for the album. Heaven’s Basement believes in musical evolution and crossing one boundary after another. Since their formation in 2008 they have played in hundreds of gigs, concerts and festivals, rising up from the underground music scene to making it to the top 10 in the UK charts. These days the band is busy touring for Filthy Empire in the U.S.

We’ve experienced so much in the relatively short and explosive time Heaven’s Basement has been around, we’re all from different backgrounds but there’s a potent chemistry that is created when we come together

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