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Lorde Royals Lyrics Have a Lot to Share

lorde royals lyrics
lorde royals lyrics

Lorde is a sixteen year old singer-songwriter from New Zealand.  She started writing songs when she was thirteen but the world just discovered her as her debut single “Royals” made it to number 1 on US Billboard as well as the charts in New Zealand and Canada, making her the first female solo artist to do so. She did not have any promotion and she put the track simply to create an online buzz before releasing her first studio album. And buzz it did create, without any marketing or performances the song stayed on top of the national charts for three weeks when it was released in March, 2013.

The song begins with a haunting soft drum beat melting over Lorde’s evocative vocals where she emphasizes on her simple life style and being sick of entertainers running after money. Lorde Royals lyrics speak to all the ultra-rich media frenzied elite class that the masses do not live in the same world as theirs nor do they care about their race to acquire the most expensive rubies and diamonds.

Lorde Royals lyrics tell her story that she nor her friends are wealthy and spend a normal average-person’s unpretentious life. Lorde specifically mentions that their aim isn’t making money unlike the artists these days that are recognized first by the amount of finances they own and then secondly by their names. The track has an upbeat tune, pure vocals and a catchy chorus.  Creating big waves in the music industry, ‘Royals’ has the potential to change the current trend of the pop music culture which is yet again about shiny cars and riches of life. It sends a great message of empowerment towards the teenagers of today that it is okay to dream about big cars and living large but life is just not about materialist possessions. It is wonderful to have a fresh face in the music industry especially when she is sixteen years old!

lorde royals lyrics
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A different perspective for today’s teenagers. Powerful sound and lyrics. Breaking the pop culture norm and their obsession with diamonds, jet airplanes and huge ridiculously expensive mansions.
Nothing apparently negative about the composition and arrangement. Lyrics are meaningful, but might just be the 'topic to talk about these days'.

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