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Michael Lee Firkins releases album Yep after Six years!

Michael Lee Firkins releases album Yep after Six years!

by Khurram2013/11/12

Excellent guitar work. A real treat for blues rock fans.


All songs are very lengthy, not less than five minutes.

Michael Lee Firkins is a guitarist hailing from Nebraska, America. He has been playing music from 1985 with a great fusion of blues, jazz and country music. His renowned hybrid picking style at fast speeds made him a talented guitar virtuoso. His unique style of playing and atmospherical performances gained critical acclaim however he still remains unknown to many. His songs are well written and vocals are always spot on. He’s known to be a true American-blues rock star.

Michael Lee Firkins released his latest album titled ‘Yep’ earlier this year alongside Chuck Leavell on keyboards, Matt Abts on drums and Andy Hess on bass. According to Firkins this was the best musician in the entire world. The album before ‘Yep’ was released six years ago in 2007, making the fans expect something very different and fresh this time around. Their wish was fulfilled as Firkins has also sung in this album as compared to the previous six albums from 1990 to 2007 which were all instrumentals.

Yep’ consists on eleven songs, opening with the catchy ‘Golden Oldie Jam’ with is a representative of the harmonious southern rock music of the album. The song titles suggest how Firkins has matured over the years and his thoughtful attitude towards his work. The guitar work is flawless, with wild shredding, riffs, grooves and solos which will make any guitarist feel other-worldly. The album brings out the feel of music from legends like Stevie Ray, The Eagles and early days Aerosmith.

The best tracks on the new album are ‘Long Day’, ‘Out of Season’, Take Me Back’ and ‘No More Angry Man’, all playing for no less than five minutes. The album is a great treat for any classical blues rock fan as it starts big and keeps getting better and better. The anxiously waiting fans have been well-fed, they love Yep!

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