Avenged Sevenfold make their own game ‘Deathbat’

deathbat ssThe popular American band Avenged Sevenfold have come up with their own game called “Deathbat”. Avenged Sevenfold is known for their dramatic covers and diverse rock music. They have won several awards and nominations for their creativity. This time instead of releasing a new music album, we have a game to play while they work on the new album which would most probably be released next year.

Deathbat is a third person fighting game which one can play on iPhone, iPad, or any Android device. They have also released a PC version of the game which can be bought from Steam. The game itself comes for $5.99 although you could buy for $3.99 while the 33% discount lasts.

The game starts with an unusually long story about the wars between the good and the evil. Then a boy is born who grows up to be a strong person who takes responsibility of the kingdom to fight off the evil, he slowly and steadily becomes victorious. You play the game as that victorious, powerful fighter to fight off the pests and monsters in the kingdom. You can collect various kinds of swords that are equipped with different magic spells and of course each sword has a different impact on your enemy. As you kill, you can collect coins which can be exchanged in return for more lives. So, in case you die you can exchange coins for another life and continue the game.

You are also equipped with various kinds of magic spells which can be used against enemies. Additionally, you can exchange your coins to buy new skills and magic spells or to upgrade your current magic spell’s power. If you are a person who likes to spend money in game, you can do that also buy spending real money for buying in game items.

Deathbat is not entirely a unique game, but it is good for entertainment here and there. For such a cheap price, you can definitely go ahead and buy it.

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