Richie Ramone still living up to the Ramones Legacy

‘Criminal’, the first single of Richie Ramone‘s debut solo album ‘Entitled’ was published in February, 2014, after the album was released in October, 2013. The song has a rugged yet mysterious edge to it that formulates the idea of criminals at work and involves everything from betrayal to self-preservation, depicting the actions necessary to be taken whilst undertaking a criminal activity. The director, Steven Haft “penned the script going with the idea of a short suspense film about two desperate bank robbers hiding out on the outskirts of Los Angeles”, giving it a Hitchcock feel and making it a trademark of Richie’s dark style. Filmed solely in black and white, the music video brings justice to Richie’s ferocious drumming, his thick accent and melodramatic phrasing, contributing to a spectacular psycho-thriller story that includes theft, nearly-nude make out sessions, police cars and shootouts. Almost twenty six years after he stopped playing for The Ramones, and seventeen years after the band had parted ways, Richie Ramone gives the industry an individualized record that bears glimpses of his formerly glory as a drummer, coupled with an extremely brilliant back story. The overall music is reminiscent of the former punk rock success of The Ramones. However, the sheer velocity and relentless energy that Richie’s strong vocals even at the age of fifty-six bear witness to the strength he possesses to take the punk rock genre even a notch further. Richie Ramone is currently on the “The Something In My Drink Tour – 11,000 miles of Punk” supporting his new record “Entitled” on DC-Jam Records and will be playing a mix of Ramones songs and originals. The tour began in Las Vegas on January 29, and will continue through South America, UK and Europe, the tour dates of which are to be announced soon!

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