New Album from Blink-182 coming in 2014

new album from blink-182

It has been quite a while since the famous band Blink-182 released an album. Their last album was recorded about 4 years ago and released in 2011 called “Neighborhoods”. The announcement came from the Blink-182 saying that they would be releasing an album in 2014 pretty much ahead of Reading and Leeds Festival which usually takes place in the month of August.

The album would be “headlining” the August event and it also happens to be the first event to headline the festival this year. The interesting announcement came while talking to Zane Lowe on the BBC Radio 1 channel. He said that Blink-182 band will be getting to work after the holidays are over and would be putting efforts get their new album ready by the time of festival. During the talks, it was clear that the trio has not yet started producing material and they would be creating this album from scratch right from the beginning of this year. Mark Hoppus also tweeted…

“Yes, it’s official. blink-182 are headlining Reading and Leeds Festivals 2014. STOKED!”

…which confirms the news.

The latest music release apart from a whole album EP was “Dogs Eating Dogs” which was released back in 2012.

Blink-182 are known to create great pop-punk songs which are truly original unlike many other mediocre bands. They staying true to the pure pop-punk songs is what makes them stand out among the others in the pool. My personal anticipation is that they would be collaborating with some more artists to create collaborated music for this album. There have been collaborations before and the result is stunning. They could do it again. I am also hoping that they would release a couple of tracks with awesome chorus singing and meaningful lyrics. Today’s pop-punk has not been what it was few years ago. You often find lyrics which have dark meaning attached to it. Although such an expectation is bound to be shattered because all the artists today are trying to create music which is modern and has very little classical element. Modern music is great, but adding a classical twist always gives music a different taste!


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