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New Green day Album coming by 2016

New Green day Album coming by 2016

by Salil Tembe2015/06/21

A lot of Green day fans have been awaiting for any news pertaining to new album. No one really knew if there was any new album under construction or when it would be released. Green day guitarist Billie Armstrong decided to create some waves. He announced in one of the interviews that they have been working on new songs for the new album.

This announcement has definitely gotten everyones anticipation high. We still do not know what the album would be named as or when it would be released. Rob Cavallo, the producer for the Green day band, also said in an announcement that he has actually heard 5 new songs created by the artists and was absolutely stunned when he heard them. Armstrong nor Cavallo knows if the album would be released by the end of 2015 or even next year because the band has been hand crafting each and every song. In the interview Armstrong mentioned that the band is creating songs only when the artists are inspired and hence, no one really knows when the album would be finished. On one hand it is good to know that whatever would be the end result will definitely be amazing to hear, but on the other hand the anticipation is hard to cope with. Hopefully it won’t be as disastrous as Blink 182’s new album promise for the end of 2014. It never happened because Tom Delonge, co-founder left the band this January which has left fans quite unhappy

Green day was inducted to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To everyone’s surprise John Kiffmeyer was on stage! If you do not know who he is, then you may not be a diehard Green day fan. John Kiffmeyer is the founding drummer of the band and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the new generation to see him play again after he left the band in 1990.

Check out the video to see Green day perform “Sweet Children” with drummer John Kiffmeyer on the drums, a classic song from Greenday.

Along with this, they performed 22 more classic Green day songs at the show.



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