Popular Rock Bands of 2013

popular rock bands 2013

Rock music must never die! Great bands, whether from the underground music scene or mainstream commercial music industry have ensured that the rock music legacy lives on. Most bands nowadays are termed as ‘posers’ but if you look close enough, there is ample of good rock music from all over the world.

We have covered some of the popular rock bands of 2013 in this article, from different roots and backgrounds, some new and some old. They are unique and different from each other in more than one way. But one thing which is common in all of them is their love for rock n’ roll. Let’s see what they’ve been up to this year.

First off, we have the band from Sheffield UK, Arctic Monkeys. They’re known for their hit single I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor. With Alex Turner’s charismatic performances on-stage, the whole world sang along with the Arctic Monkeys during their performance at the Olympic Opening Ceremony last year. In that event the band also covered The Beatle’s song ‘Come Together’ which later became their highest charting single. The band’s 5th studio album AM was released last month and debuted at #1 in UK. They performed at the Glastonbury Festival after AM’s release, leaving the crowd mesmerized. Arctic Monkeys are reputed to have revived punk rock music in UK.

Imagine Dragons is a new American band hailing from LA, Nevada. Their debut album Night Visions was #2 at the Billboard 200 and made it to the top ten in UK, Europe and Canada. Their singles Demons and Radioactive went viral this year creating a huge fan for the band. All of Imagine Dragons’ tours this year were sold out, given that their live performances are unforgettable. With their foot thumping, powerful beats Imagine Dragons has raised up the bar high for other alternative rock bands.

Heaven’s Basement is a British hard rock band which started off as an underground band in 2008. They released their first album in February 2013 titled ‘Filthy Empire’.  The album has received positive reviews and made it to the top ten in the BBC Rock Album Charts. The single ‘Fire Fire” is currently on #12 on the active rock charts. The rock band is known for their extensive tours throughout the year and are currently busy making waves in the U.S. They recently performed at the Aftershock Festival alongside Buckcherry, Korn and Shinedown and there get a much deserved spot in the popular rock bands of 2013.

Hailing from Scotland is a band named Biffy Clyro. Their three band members formed the band when they were teenagers and worked hard to practise playing and discovering rock music. Their sixth studio album ‘Opposites’ was released in January 2013 and it topped the UK Album Charts. This album was quite critically acclaimed. Biffy Clyro has won several awards and are currently touring to promote their new album.

The veterans of rock music Alice in Chains also did a spectacular job this year. Known for their melodic symphonies and lyrics with deep meanings, Alice in Chains have a vast world-wide fan following, record breaking sales, and numerous prestigious awards attached with their name. They are an inspiration for bands like Metallica and Opeth. Their latest album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here was released in May 2013, debuting at #2 on the Billboard 200 album charts. Their UK tour starts in November followed by the Soundwave Festival in Australia. Their recent live performances have an element of dark mystery and prove that their band’s legacy will live on for years to come.

If you haven’t, you must definitely catch up on all the music and performances these popular rock bands have come up with in 2013. Keep the rock spirit alive!

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