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Saosin release Control and the Urge to Pray video

Saosin release Control and the Urge to Pray video

by Stephen Charlton2016/04/28

Saosin have unveiled Control and the Urge to Pray, the third single from forthcoming album Along the Shadow. The album is the first LP from the Californian post-hardcore act in seven years (heh). The band released a video for the song, which is a similar live performance format seen with their two previous singles from the album.

Control and the Urge to Pray is classic Saosin

To my ears Control and the Urge to Pray is the closest Saosin have come to their classic sound with any of their recent singles featuring Anthony Green. It has Alex Rodriguez’s signature extroverted drumming, a mix of aggressive and melodic vocals from Green and huge riffs and harmonies from Beau Burchell. The drum solo at the 2.04 mark and the beautiful harmonised lead at 3.45 are high points. It seems even without longtime lead guitarist Justin Shekoski, Burchell can still produce the sound Saosin is known for.

Bassist Chris Sorenson commented on the genesis of the track:

“This was a song that we knew we had to see through. The demo started off very differently and we were unsure if it would fit into the way the record was shaping. But once vocals were demoed and a few things were moved around we knew that it was something very powerful.”

Burchell has been showing off some of the new guitar parts on his Instagram. He also references his love for In Flames as inspiring the guitar melody and harmony seen below for the song Count Back From Ten.

And here is the harmony to the previous video. #riffage.

A video posted by beau burchell (@beauburchell) on

All Along the Shadow is available for pre-order in physical and digital format.

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